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Thread: Quilter's Dictionary & Acronyms ... a consolidation of previous posts

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    Quilter's Dictionary & Acronyms ... a consolidation of previous posts

    The following is a compilation of many previous Quilting Board threads/posts and from other sources.
    If you have any to add, please post here, and I'll include it in the future.

    Hope that this helps some find their way around the ....

    Alphabet Soup of Acronyms and Quilter's Lingo!
    BBT = Be Back Tomorrow
    BOB = Beginner’s Only Block (swap)
    BOM = Block of the Month

    BOW = Block of the Week

    BTW = By The Way

    BRICKS = 5” x 9-1/2” precuts
    CHARM PACK = package of pre-cut charm squares
    CHARMS = Small pieces of fabric, either squares or sometimes hexagons, all different fabrics; 5”x5”; also known as Nickels
    COC = Cream On Cream
    CT = Connecting Threads
    D4P = Double four patch
    D9P= Disappearing 9 patch

    DBF = Dear/Darling Boyfriend
    DC/DDog = Dear/DarlingCat/Dear Dog (spell out dog, otherwise may be mistaken for Dear Daughter)

    DH, DW, DD, DS = Dear/Darling Husband, Wife, Daughter, Sister/Son (or “Darn” Husband, depending on the day and spirits, etc!!)

    DGD, DGS = Dear/Darling Grandaughter , Grandson

    D___ = Dear/Darling ____, for a plethora of other Dear/Darlings in our lives!

    DESSERT ROLL = 5” x WOF strips x 10 strips
    DIC = Double Irish Chain
    DIMES = 10" squares; also known as Layer Cakes
    DIY = Do it yourself

    DJ = Dear Jane
    DSM = Domestic Sewing Machine
    DWR = Double Wedding Ring
    EPP = English Paper Piecing
    EQ = Electric Quilt quilting software (also seen as EQ5, EQ6, EQ7)
    F8 / FE = Fat Eighth = 9” x 22”; also known as a “piglet”

    F&D / FAD = Fun And Done

    A non-word. No one can have too much fabric. If it were a real condition, not only would it be in the dictionary, there would be medical studies and government programs available. I'm not in denial, because you cannot deny a condition that does not exist.
    FAT QUARTER = FQ = 18”x 22”
    FAQ = Frequently Asked Questions

    FFO = Finally Finished Object
    FIU = Finish It Up
    FLIMSY = Finished top, not quilted
    FM / FMQ = free motion quilting

    The fabric on the bottom of your stash that supports the weight of all the other fabrics.
    FQ = Fat Quarter = 18”x 22”
    FROG STITCHING = ripping out stitched seams (rip it, rip it)

    FS = Forgotten Stash
    FW = Featherweight

    FW = fusible web, no brand specific

    FWIW = For What It's Worth

    FWS or FWSQ = Farmers’ Wife Sampler Quilt

    FYI = For Your Information

    GF = Girl Friend or God forbid or Grandmother' s Fan
    GFG = Grandmother' s Flower Garden

    GD, GS = Grand Daughter , Grand Son (sometimes adding a D=Dear in front; DGD, DGS)

    GRANDS = Grand Children

    GTG = Got to go or Get ToGether

    .............continued in a 2nd post.................
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    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    HONEY BUNS = 1-1/2” x WOF strips x 40 strips
    HP = Hand Piecing
    HQ = Hand Quilting
    HST = Half Square Triangle
    HSY = Haven't Started Yet (pronounced hussy)

    HTH = Hope That Helps

    ILs = In Laws; FIL, MIL, DIL, SIL, BIL = Father, Mother, Daughter, Son/Sister, Brother; sometimes prefixed with D=Dear

    IMHO = In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion

    IRR – International Round Robin

    ISO = In Search Of
    JELLY ROLLS = pre-cut noodles rolled up and sold as a set; 2-1/2” x WOF strips

    JMHO = Just In My Humble Opinion or In My Honest Opinion

    KWIM = Know What I Mean?
    LA = LongArmer, professional machine quilter
    LAQ = Long Arm Quilter
    LAQM = Long Arm Quilting Machine

    LAYER CAKES = 42 x 10” precut squares; also known as Dimes
    LMAO = Laughing My Arse Off!

    LMBO = Laughing My Butt Off!!
    LOL = Laugh Out Loud; or Lots of Laughter
    LQS = Local Quilt Shop

    MAM = Mile-A-Minute (modern version of a crazy quilt block)
    MAQ = Mid-Arm Quilter

    MGBTQ = Must Get Back to Quilting

    NESY = Not Even Started Yet
    NICKELS = 5" squares; also known as Charms
    NOODLES = 2 1/2" by width of fabric; also known as Jelly Roll strips
    NQR = Not Quilt Related (an alternative to OT)

    NTBB = Needs to Be Bound

    OBTW = Oh By The Way
    OBW = One Block Wonder

    OP = Original Poster

    OP = On Point

    ORPHANS = Leftover Blocks
    OSMG = Old Sewing Machine Guy

    OT = Off Topic

    OTOH = On The Other Hand

    PC = Politically Correct

    PC = Pony Club (Farmers’ Wife Pony Club Sampler Quilt
    PFD = fabric that is Prepared For Dyeing
    PhD = Project Half Done

    PIF = Pay It Forward; sending something to someone, because it feels good!; free or for postage only.

    PIGLET = 9” x 22”; also known as Fat Eighths

    PIGs = Project(s) In Grocery Sack(s)
    PIPs = projects in process

    PIPS = Projects in Pretty Sacks
    PITs = Project In Totes
    PIW =Project In Waiting (waiting to grow up to be a WIP)

    PIZB = Project in Ziploc Bag

    PM = Private Message
    PMS = Pizza, M&Ms and Sewing

    PNTBF = Project (or Piece) Needs To Be Found ( or Finished)

    POI = Put Off Item
    PP = paper piecing

    PP = Previous Poster

    PPO = Project Put Off

    QAYG = Quilt As You Go

    QB = Quilting Board
    QIMM = Quilts in My Mind
    QOTD = Question of the day, Quick off topic discussion or quilting off topic discussion
    QR = Quilt Related
    QST= Quarter Square Triangles

    QTFDD = Quilt Top Finishing Deficit Disorder

    QTIS = Quilt Top in Strips

    QUBBY = Quilter's Hubby

    QUILT CANDY = Small charm pieces of fabric folded up to look like candy

    REVERSE STITCHING = Frog Stitching (see above)
    ROFL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing

    ROFLOL = Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

    RR = Round Robin
    SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
    SAQM = Short Arm Quilting Machine
    SaS = Steam a Seam

    SAW = Stack and Whack

    SBS = Sun Bonnet Sue or Sun Bonnet Sam
    SEX = Stash Enhancement eXperience (or eXcursion)
    SID = stitch-in-the- ditch quilting

    SIL= Son In law or Sister In law; sometimes prefixed with D=Dear, DSIL

    SIGGIES = Squares of fabric with signatures and often other info written on them
    SnW = Stack and Whack

    SQ = Simply Quilts

    SQUIDs = Some Quilts In Drawers

    SQUISHIE = Envelopes filled with swap fabric/blocks (squishie is the way they feel!)

    SS = Sunbonnet Sue or Sunbonnet Sam
    STASH = Special Treasures, All Secretly Hidden

    SWEET SIXTEENS = Fat 1/16 yard = 9” x 11”
    TBQ = To Be Quilted
    TGIF = Thank God It's Finished!

    TIA = Thanks In Advance
    TIC = Triple Irish Chain
    TOAD = Trashed Object Abandoned in Disgust
    TOT = Tone On Tone
    TUFO = Tuesday UFO night group/WUFO = Wednesday UFO...etc.

    TURNOVERS = 6” half-square triangle precuts (80 triangles per bundle/turnover)

    TY = Thank YOu

    UFO = UnFinished Object
    USO = UnStarted Object
    VIP = Very Important Project
    WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind
    WIMM = Work In My Mind
    WIP = Work In Progress
    WISP = Work In Slow Progress
    WIVSP = Work In Very Slow Progress
    WIWMI = Wish It Would Make Itself
    WOA = Work Of Art
    WOF = Width Of Fabric
    WOMBAT = Waste Of Money (or Material), Batting And Time
    WOW = White On White
    WWIT = What Was I Thinking

    WWYD = What Would You do?
    xxQG = someplace something Quilting Guild
    YBR = Yellow Brick Road
    YoYo = A circle of fabric gathered to form a puffy circle

    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    Wow...thanks for the extensive list!

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    This should be a sticky!

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    I hope there is not a test

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    QuiltE, you have been busy putting this together. That is one way to keep the winter blues at bay :-)
    Lori - MamaBear

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    Quote Originally Posted by MamaBear61 View Post
    QuiltE, you have been busy putting this together. That is one way to keep the winter blues at bay :-)
    Long time no see, MamaB ..... have you been in the sunny south?
    No, I didn't do it this winter .... I started it last spring when I first came to the Board, and just kept adding to it. I tried awhile ago to post it, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. Hey ... you should come and join us and do the Pony Club quilt!

    AnitaSt .. hope it helps!

    ScissorQ ... no clue what a sticky is!

    Erstan ... looks like you have been around more than long enough, and could write the test!
    Sew many ideas ... just sew little time!!

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    Wow, what a list!!

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    Thanks! My favorite is TOAD. Been there done that.

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    WOMBAT gave me the best laugh. I've had that once or twice.

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