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Thread: The Quilting FuPaw

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    Junior Member CruisingStef's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Lakeland, Florida
    I was studiously working on cutting out my quilt blocks several weeks back. I was having trouble with my rotary cutter skipping, so I figured I would "push" it hard and fast. Well that was really stupid of me to do that, because it slipped and cut my thumb. OUCH!! :XD: I ran to the kitchen crying and bleeding, praying that it would soon stop. Instinctively; I ran it under water, which only made it bleed more but I could see it wasn't that deep. Geez-----how dumb can one be, I got the blood to subside long enough for me to go call for help.

    When my friend came, he almost passed out! O.K., he says, lets go to the hospital. No, I cried even more. It's not that bad, just a little blood. "But you've got a flap of skin there that's about to fall off. You need to get to the hospital."
    " Alright, but only because I don't want to argue with you."
    When we got there, we waited with a blood-soaked thumb for about 15 minutes. Then they took me right into the Fastrac and numbed it to stop the bleeding, and to my surprise they sewed it up with 7 stitches. The rotary cutter went down the middle of my thumb, they say I will lose the nail. I'm lucky though, it could have been much worse, I could have lost my entire thumb.
    ~~~~But this was only a minor setback.~~~~~

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    Power Poster Mariposa's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Eastern Washington
    Wow! Glad you did get to the hospital! Hope it heals well! :)

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    Senior Member Katia's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
    Oh my, so sorry you cut your thumb. I sure hope this is a lesson to all of us rotary cutters. Be careful !

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    Super Member Chasing Hawk's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Pacific Northwest
    Oh geez!! Get well soon

    Get to healing, you have work to do. :)

    I did the same thing with one of those Mandaline slicers used in the kitchen. Soon as I stopped bleeding all over my newly redone kitchen I threw that thing in the trash. So now I use a food processor.

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    Super Member amandasgramma's Avatar
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    May 2009
    La Pine Oregon, USA
    I'm sorry --- I did dumb last summer and cut the end of my middle finger almost all the way off. I don't care that they say I'm an adult -- it HURT! I cried!!!

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    Jun 2010
    OH!! How painful. I hurt just thinking about it.

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    Super Member ginnie6's Avatar
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    Aug 2009
    wow! I cut mine a few years ago with a buck knife...index finger and laid it open from first knuckle to end of nail on the side. Bled like crazy. I superglued it, splinted it to keep from bending it and after about an hour of sitting I was back in the kitchen.....I did NOT use that knife anymore though!

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    Super Member just_the_scraps_m'am's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    greater NorthEast
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    OUCH, you just needed a brake! now you can look thru all those quilting mags you haven't gotten around to...

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    Beginner64's Avatar
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    Jun 2010
    Medina, NY
    Very sorry to hear that you cut yourself. I'm happy to hear that you are going to be alright though. This is probably a lesson well learned. If ever you have to add that much pressure, I would say that you need to change your cutter blade. If it is good and sharp, it should cut through the material like butter. Be safe please.

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    Super Member chickadeee55's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Waupaca Wisconsin
    I always say, respect your rotary cutter. Hope your thumb heals up, and you will be as good as new.

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