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Thread: Quilting Marking Question

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    Senior Member Quercus Rubra's Avatar
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    Sep 2012

    Quilting Marking Question

    Hey Y'all...I got a question for ya. I noticed the thread about those frixion pens and it got me thinking. So I thought I would ask my question too.

    Here goes:

    Has anyone used those Crayola Fine Line Washable markers for marking their quilts? I would guess it would work in the same theory as the Frixion pens. I been thinking of asking Santa for the big box of them. If you not familiar with them do a search on Crayola Pipsqueaks.

    But my thinking was:
    a.) they are washable (I have seen them come off light colored carpet after a 24 month old)
    b.) lots of colors available in different shades which would be handy on quilts
    c.) they are pretty cheap and available just about everywheres. Ex. Staples has the 50ct. telscoping tower for $23.49 or even this http://www.crayolastore.com/product/12755

    Sooooo what's you opinion, advice, or exiperence with them? Please let me know.
    Currently working on a "Flat Curtis" Quilt with boy child .

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    Super Member katier825's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
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    They don't always wash out either. You need to test them on each fabric. I do use them to mark my designs onto sulky solvy and then I quilt through that.

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    Super Member Pollytink's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Columbus, OH
    Quote Originally Posted by katier825 View Post
    They don't always wash out either. You need to test them on each fabric. I do use them to mark my designs onto sulky solvy and then I quilt through that.
    I don't have an embroidery machine and am not familiar with Solvy. After you said this, I checked it out on Amazon.....didn't realize it was something you could mark quilting designs on and then quilt through it....like using tissue paper or the golden threads paper? If so, it sounds like it would be a great tool....easy to remove after quilting......e.g. when you wash the finished quilt. Tell me more!!! Does anyone else use Solvy in this way? Thanks!!

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    Super Member Jan in VA's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
    Piedmont Virginia in the Foothills of the Blue Ridge Mtns.
    Pretty expensive for this purpose, isn't it? Solvy is a gel substance, not fabric, that's why it dissolves in water.

    Jan in VA
    Jan in VA
    Living in the foothills
    peacefully colors my world.

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    Member wellphooey's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Interlochen MI
    I just used sticky Solvy on a quilt border: traced the quilting pattern onto the Solvy and then stuck it to the border and quilted. BUT. . . then I tried to remove the excess before dunking it and it was a pain in the patoot! SO....on the next side of the quilt, I precut the Solvy, trimming it down close to the quilting pattern I had drawn on it. Made it so much easier. NOW...my question is: could I/should I rinse out the Solvy before or after putting the binding on? Does it matter if the Solvy stays on the quilt for several weeks or longer before removing it? I am reluctant to rinse (machine or tub) the quilt without having the binding on. Do you machine dry your quilt?

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    Super Member Buckeye Rose's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Monroe, IN
    I use the cheapo washable markers...Crazee Art is the brand, I think.... $2.50 for a box of 8....they work great, fine tip.....but do test on all fabrics as you will find a fabric now and then that they won't wash out of ....overall I am happy using them.

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    Super Member LynnVT's Avatar
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    Jan 2012
    Vermont, USA
    I only use the purple air disappearing markers. Don't trust anything else, and just want it to go away when I'm done. I was warned that some so-called disappearing markers don't, or they come back, like the pink ones.

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    Super Member meyert's Avatar
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    Mar 2013
    Southern Indiana
    I use the Crayola washable markers and I love them. My only issue is that I wish they were finer tip to fit into my stencils better....but I have never tried the fine tipped ones. I am going to buy them whenever I can find them. I have never had problems with them not washing out

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    Junior Member
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    Jul 2010
    I tried the washable Crayola markers and got along well. I tested each color (8/box) on a scrap and washed that to see what happened. On the fabric I had, the brown color left a shadow. Used the blue and it worked well. I am not someone who can draw or get designs in my mind for FMQ so MUST have them drawn out. ;-/

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    Dec 2013
    I have problems even getting chalk out of my quilt tops. Its the front loading washing machine that I have. It really got me to thinking about how clean my clothes are getting!

    I now wash items using the extra rinse cycle on my washing machine and filling the detergent all the way to the top.

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