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Thread: Quilting rulers.....which ones to buy?

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    Hi, So many thoughts about ruler's can probably make your brain spin. I have an interest in different rulers but don't really buy the specialty rulers. 6x24 is a must I do use a little 6inch ruler all the time when paper piecing to measure my 1/4 inch, since I don't have a 1/4 inch ruler with that little wedge. I have a 6inch square and would like a 12 inch square. You really don't need to much. Later on if you really want a specialty ruler, go for it but it is not necessary. Any name brand is a good choice and I do mix and match.
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    I love my Martelli mat and I have slowly replaced all of my rulers with the Creative Grids rulers as I find I like them much better than the other brands I have used. Good luck deciding....

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    I just bought a 3x9" Quilt Sense ruler. I love it. No yellow lines on it. It is so hard for me to see past those yellow lines to see where the actual cutting line is. If there was less yellow, that would be helpful. The little 3x9" is so handy for trimming small things. So much easier than fighting with a larger one. Even the 6x12 seems too big at times. But I don't see a lot of the Quilt Sense rulers in the store. Just a few sizes.
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    I am totally with ya on this one

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    Oh boy! I am numerous rulers and 4 cutting mats and I intermix them all the time. The stars must be all aligned as I have not had any trouble yet with my piecing so I must be doing something right. I will try and stick with the same ruler/ruler maker for my next project - having said that somethimes a smaller ruler works better after the large piece has been cut. The most important thing is to have a sharp blade! I try to stretch my blade useage far too long sometime.
    I perfer Creative Grids ruler I wore the markings off my Olfa ones.
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    I too have heard from a LQS that you should always use the same brand of rulers, what made me skeptical was that statement was followed by a sales pitch for these new wonderful rulers. I do have my favorite rulers but I use what I have on hand just as I would use whichever tape measure's in the tool box when cutting wood. Seems to me that the variables would come more from having human eyes, thread thickness and general sewing, as in all quarter inch feet are not created equally. We all find out what works best for us, as long as we're learning and enjoying the process, right.

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    Stitch 124 Someone may have already made this statement, I have not read all 10 pages of posts. Here is my thought on what you instructor was saying. When you do a project keep using the same ruler and cutting mat, not a certain brand. Although rullers and mats should be the same they may not be. SOOO do not change rullers and cutting mats during a project. I have many rullers I try to use the same ruler and mat I start a project with if I do need to use a diffrent ruller I try to use the same brand as the first ruler I used. I hope this helps. yippie

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    The Creative Grids ruler has thin lines. It's nice. The ruler with the thick yellow lines is hard to decide where to center your fabric. That's why I quit using those rulers. The fat yellow lines were very thick and sometimes I would use the inside of the yellow line or the middle of the yellow line or the outside of the yellow line. Nothing would be the same. Creative Grids gives you only one choice. One thin line.
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    I don't consciously use just one Mfgrs rulers, or cutting mats, however it turns out my favorites, most used are all from teh same Mfgr. The only time I use somethinng else is when the preferred Mfgrs does not have the tool I need. Gues I am an equal opportunity quilter, HOWEVER. I do make sure that they are cutting the same measurement if not they are history.
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    I second the idea of going to the store and trying the rulers on a mat and on the fabric. An inch is an inch but on some rulers you cut to the outside of the line to get the inch and others you dont.

    Adopt a cutting system (matt or ruler only) and a ruler company would be a good start. Get a 24 inch ruler (I use my 8 1/2 by 24 but that's me) and a square. Then next one I use alot is a 2 1/2 by 18ish.

    I own several, whole drawer full, but I use a couple constantly and the others rarely. But when I do want them, they are there. Just pulled one out of the drawer last night. Practically had to dust it off but was glad I had it.

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