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Thread: Round Border

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    Round Border

    How can I make a round border for a 60 inch round table cloth? ANY HELP will be appricated.

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    This might help. Looks like you will have to cut several pieces, fit to your quilt top. Good luck!!
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    I'm sure there are probably better ways . . . but here's one way. Take some brown craft paper or freezer paper (anything that's at least 36" wide). You'll also need a long ruler (yardstick, at least). Tear off a good-sized length of the paper (at least a yard) and fold it in half (this will represent a quarter of your cloth). On one fold point, mark a large dot. Measure from the folded-point end of that dot, to the opposite side, and mark 30". This will represent half the width (radius) of your cloth. You'll need a seam allowance, so mark another point, shorter than that (I would allow 1/2" seam, unless it'll be backed). Now you'll make a third mark, longer than your cloth measurement, to represent the outside of your border, plus hem allowance. Okay, so you've now got a starting dot on one side, and three marks away from that dot, along an edge. Take the ruler and keeping one end of the ruler at the dot/point, move the other out just a bit. It should move like the minute hand, on a clock. Mark the innermost and outermost measurements. Keep sweeping your ruler out, bit by bit, marking the two measurements, until you reach the other side. You should end up with a inner and outer quarter circle. Connect the dots and this will be a pattern for 1/4 of your border. Remember to add seam allowances at the ends, if you need to piece two or four pieces together! If you cut along the lines and unfold, you'll have a pattern for half of your cloth border . . . but be VERY careful, to keep the two layers of paper perfectly together, when cutting! You can staple (or use a temp. glue stick) them together, to keep them from sliding.

    Am hoping this makes sense, translated into words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by auntpiggylpn View Post

    This might help. Looks like you will have to cut several pieces, fit to your quilt top. Good luck!!

    You helped me solve a problem with this fabulous link! Thanks for posting.

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    fold the round item you want to border- in half- then in half the other way- so you have a 1/4 piece of pie-
    trace the edge onto freezer paper- add seam allowance to the side next to the fabric piece- measure out the width of the desired border- draw this line- again- add seam allowance- add seam allowance to each short end. (for joining the four pieces together) cut out on the outer lines.- fold your border fabric to either 2 or 4 thickness'es- press your freezer paper template to the fabric- cut out- join the short ends into a circle- fold (crease) your border circle into 4 new sections ( between the joined sections) so you have 8 match points...then fold your large circle again so you have 8 match points. place the border circle ontop of the circle- match your (match points) & pin- the distribute the areas between the pins & pin every couple inches- stitch into place- carefully clip around the circle to the stitching line- (being careful to not cut your stitches) then press toward the border fabric.
    Ricky Timms has a pretty good tutorial for Circular sewing- check out his website.
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