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Thread: Seams that intersect perfectly

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    Super Member mimisharon's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Country Quilter
    Not in my house! LOL It just works for me so I do it that way...I'm not saying I NEVER have a wonky interesection but if I pin it is about 90%!

    Not in my house either, Patsy! The one thing I like about the pressed open (garment sewing made me think it would work :roll: ) is the flatter block. I went to the BOM class at my favorite quilting shop yesterday and those of us that OPENED the seams had the block that would lie down, the ones with folded over seams had tents for blocks. I think a couple of us converted a few quilters. lol lol

    BTW-quilting perfection? intersection perfection? Never heard of it or seen it. Can you post a picture of it???

    Happy Quilting,

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    Junior Member Tricia's Avatar
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    I do this by "feel" I put the fabric together with the seems going in opposite directions and I use my thumb and forefinger to "slide" them into place. Then I pin on both sides and sew. I do not take out the pins until the entire seam has been sewn.

    For foundation piecing with many point that have to be perfect, I baste each point on the machine with a long stitch (on my machine a 3.5) and I sew just where the points will meet. Then I open it up to see if I did a good job, If not I take out the basting and do it again. If it makes me happy I just sew over the basting stitches when I sew the 2 pieces all the way.

    My best friend says I am way to picky, her train of thought is if you cant see it driving by at 60 mph it is not a problem LOL

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    I have the perfect method, as the seam is coming up to the needle, I start to say some words I wouldn't around my mom, shove the piece under the foot and WAH La I have a perfect match, (if I take my glasses off and look straight down at the intersection) I have always been under the impression that being a little off is artistic license on interpreting the pattern. Give it a try especially after a glass of good for your heart red wine.

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    Senior Member redrummy's Avatar
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    [quote=PatriceJ]when my joints are off, the first thing i do is check the seam allowances on the sewn pieces to be joined. if they're off, i fix them. if they're the right size (usually 1/4") the fun starts Redrummy adds then I have a glass of wine!!!!

    i've recently started pinning across the intersection, so my pins run parallel to the presser foot. i put the pin about 3/4" from the edge so i don't have to take it out when i get to it. that also lets me check the join from both directions. Redrummy adds Then have another glass

    when they're really stubborn, i pin across the join, then once "up and down" on each side of the join. i sew slowly. sometimes i have to remove the pins, sometimes not. Redrummy adds Then have another glass

    when they're really, really, really giving me fits, i pin and sew just the joins and don't "fill in" the whole seam until the joins are right. Redrummy addsand another glass

    if none of that works i either induce self-hypnosis so i don't see the wonky bits any more or i set them aside and move on. then i make replacements for the ones that wouldn't go together properly. i set them aside to use them later in a scrap quilt, or - if i don't have enough fabric to make replacements - take them apart and reassemble until they fit together the way they're supposed to. Redrummy adds Get the idea!!!!

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    It has become a no-brainer to press my seams to the darker fabric...
    As far as lining up...I pin and look and then hope for the best, when I open it up, if I can't live with it...I rip and give another go...

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