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Thread: Seeking advice... what could we have done differently?

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    Super Member BettyGee's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Just visited your site. Wow! I allow myself a certain amount to spend each month on fabric, I just used up four months worth and can't wait until the fabric arrives. What a selection you have, oh how I wish I was rich instead of cute and adorable.
    I voiced my opinion of your shipping decision before and still maintain that as a customer you have to take some responsibility in the ordering process. Your site is very clear, crystal, about what, how, when, and how orders are received and processed. If a question about my order comes up and you need to contact me; then it is my responsibility to respond promptly as to my wishes.

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    Apr 2010
    You did everything correctly. I think she wasn't expecting a customs charge and wants to take that out on you. I haven't read all the posts on this thread, so I might be repeating, but it might be wise to post on your website that international orders are subject to customs duties and the customer is responsible to find out more about those before placing an order.

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    while I applaud you for doing your best to contact the customer about the fabric & shipping, I would have just set it aside until I heard from her. I work for a wholesale company and we require any changes to original orders be in writing, either by mail, fax or email. If I was in her position, I would have been upset also. Like one other said, she might have been sick, or been called out on a family emergency or been sent out of town on business. Since there was no mention of cutting the 6 yards in half, I would never had done it and shipped it without her consent. If she had gotten upset about how long it was taking to receive her fabric at least then you would have had it to show her you kept trying to contact her.

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    I would put a note on the checkout page to your customers: If this situation arises, would you rather a) we save you money or b) send the cheapest way? Even better if there is a box on the checkout where customers can place comments: "Please do not cut "blue roses" no matter what, but the pink fabric could be cut if need be;" or "Please send all one length, even if the postage is more."
    I have ordered fabric online, and have been contacted that they were out of all one length, and would 2 smaller cuts be alright?
    Also, since I live out in the toolies, we lose internet connections all the time, sometimes for days on end. Doesn't matter how often we complain about it, so I know what it is like to miss important emails.
    If I have a question, I contact the seller ASAP, if I am able to do so. If not, I figure they did what they could, and live with it. I also deal with sellers that give me free shipping and will take items back if I am not satisfied. Of course, it's not international, so I know that makes a huge difference.
    All in all, I expect I would have held the merchandise, or sent all one piece, provided she had agreed to the higher shipping rate.
    It was a tough call. I'm sure you did what you thought best for the customer.

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    Originally from NY, now retired in Argentina. Miss the USA!!! :-(
    Quote Originally Posted by cindle
    I think you handled the situation in a professional way. The lady didn't get back to you as to how she wanted you to send her order so therefore it's her fault not yours. You did everything a business person could do. If she wanted it done different maybe she should have replied to the email you sent with the shipping information.
    I am one of your international customers and I agree with Cindle, you handled this in a professional manner. You can not be expected to know how ALL the different customs operated in every country. What she should have done was to contact you and let you know how to handle this order. She seemed to have no problem in letting you know that she was dissatisfied with you.
    I would not let it bother me you did all you could do to get an answer from her, you choose the least expensive way to ship the item and if she is unhappy then she needs to admit that she dropped the ball, not you.
    Like Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all of the people all of the time."
    Smile, I have always been happy with the way you have handled all of my orders, your customer service has been excellent and the products you sell are top quality.
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