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Thread: So I guess those rotary blades ARE sharp afterall!!

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    Jun 2011
    I cut about 1/4 inch of the end of my thumb off and had to go to the emergency room. It was painful and the next day I found a place to order a Klutz glove. I now wear it any time I am using my rotary cutter. I can't afford another trip to the ER.

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    Upstate NY
    Just the other day, I took off a very thin sliver of the top of my pointer finger with the blade. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. Maybe I. Should look into the glove? Nah, I like to live dangerously!
    Nancy Lee

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    Nov 2010
    I bought some Kevlar gloves at Menards for about $5 or 6 last year. They work the same and you get a whole pair for much less money and they come in various sizes. For those of you who don't have a Menards, you can probably find them at Home Depot or other similar store.

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    Knock on wood....so far I have never cut myself or run through my finger with a sewing machine needle. HOWEVER, I sure have stuck myself lots of times with pins in my fabrics. I have also ruined a ruler or two with big nicks in them so maybe I had better not count on my good fortune so far and get a pair of Klutz gloves!!!!
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    I swear by the those gloves hey it saves a lot of pain

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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
    I always use a safety tool when using my rotary cutter. I have them all from the stick on plastic guard to Gypsy Grippers to Rule Steady and the Klutz glove. This is the one I use the most: http://quiltersslidelock.com/ and I have both sizes.

    Many will say it cost too much but what is it worth to not have a bad cut right now?

    I use a cut resistant glove when I go to classes/sewdays. I bought this one: Victorinox Cutlery Performance Shield Cut Resistant Glove, Extra Small at Amazon.

    I learned my lesson when I got my first cut. It scared me thinking how bad it could have been so I now use safety tools and will buy any new ones that come on the market.

    One ER visit cost will buy a lot of fabric!
    Looked at this tool.... Bought it! I worry about rotary cutter slipping and try to be VERY careful. But it only takes on slip. Thanks for the link.

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    Nov 2010
    I am so sorry for you. ouch! I have a glove and forgot about it until you reminded me. If I am left handed and hold the cutter with left hand and ruler with the right, should I put the glove on right hand? Thank you
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    I did this same thing last year and it took months to heal and I still feel where the side tip is missing...hope your heals faster and better than mine. I don't use a glove but have considered it. Good luck!

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    Ouch!! I had the same thing happen with the cutter running over the ruler but did not cut my finger - was lucky. Thx for mentioning the glove and feel better.

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    Jan 2012
    I did this a couple of years ago - after using a rotary cutter for almost 25 years. Took a trip to the ER and 8 stitches. I don't have a glove because all of them I have looked at are just too large for me to use safely.

    Side note, I always sew barefoot but I now cut with shoes on after dropping my rotary cutter on my foot. The blade was closed because I am super careful about that but I could see the potential. I know many won't agree but injuries to my hands don't bother me much because I have so many. My feet are a different story.

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