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Thread: So I guess those rotary blades ARE sharp afterall!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BellaBoo View Post
    I always use a safety tool when using my rotary cutter. I have them all from the stick on plastic guard to Gypsy Grippers to Rule Steady and the Klutz glove. This is the one I use the most: http://quiltersslidelock.com/ and I have both sizes.

    Many will say it cost too much but what is it worth to not have a bad cut right now?

    I use a cut resistant glove when I go to classes/sewdays. I bought this one: Victorinox Cutlery Performance Shield Cut Resistant Glove, Extra Small at Amazon.

    I learned my lesson when I got my first cut. It scared me thinking how bad it could have been so I now use safety tools and will buy any new ones that come on the market.

    One ER visit cost will buy a lot of fabric!

    I hope your finger is less painful today. I am absolutely paranoid about getting a cut on my left hand or fingers. I have really bad lymphedema in my left arm and hand and it takes a long time for any type of cut to heal. I'm very susceptible to infection so am very careful, but as you and others have pointed out, it's just too easy to have the rotary cutter slip. I've tried to find a glove to fit, but due to my arm and hand being horribly swollen and my fingers being short, it's been impossible so far. I'm still looking, but the fingers on all the extra large gloves are too long, which makes them clumsy to wear. Of course, any glove that has fingers that fit mine is impossible to get over my swollen hand. I may have to give up and learn to deal with the long fingers. Frustrating! Anyway, I hope you heal quickly.


    Thanks for posting about the Quilters' SlideLock. I checked it out and that may be the answer for me. My son just asked what I want for Christmas, so I'm going to text him the site. If he doesn't want to get one or both for me, well, I'll just order them myself. Seems like a much better idea than dealing with a cut on a finger or hand that won't heal. Gosh, who ever thought quilting could be so dangerous!

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    When I cut the end of my finger off (just a tiny slice) I was trying to teach an almost deaf woman to sew. I think she heard me yell. Dr. wasn't in yet, had to call the cop who is also EMT. He said I was lucky. Didn't cut enough off to matter and too small to sew back on.

    It was years ago and I still have a funny pointed finger.

    Saleslady told me about a one inch tall plastic fence you can set on any ruler. It is stuck where you put it. But it has saved me.

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    Yes, you put the glove on the hand that is not holding the cutter.

    Quote Originally Posted by sewingsuz View Post
    I am so sorry for you. ouch! I have a glove and forgot about it until you reminded me. If I am left handed and hold the cutter with left hand and ruler with the right, should I put the glove on right hand? Thank you

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    Been there Done that just this week. 8 stitches . I don't know about the gloves but thought about trying them after this incident. Accidents happen no matter how careful you are. LOL

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    I have learned to keep them in the safety position every time I lay them down.Because once I brushed my finger against the blade,and they cut very easy.I have gloves and it would be good to wear them too.

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    The quilter slide lock looks good but I found a cheaper solution in my local discount store really cheap, I got one of these http://www.creativegrids.com/acatalog/info_1_N0442.html for only 2.99/$5 only they called it a shower handle

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    Yep! I do love my Go! I don't think the Baby Go will cut strips will it?

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