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Thread: Some help if possible.

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    Super Member cindy4857's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Phillips Wisconsin
    Hi all, I have a black and white pic. of my grandson that I would like to duplicate it in fabric for a wall hanging. Only problem is I have no idea how to do it or where to start. I've been here on the board for hmmm bout a year now I guess. When I post pic's I don't usually get more than a few responses. I often wonder why because most post go on for pages and pages. But If anyone would be willing to help me figure out how to to this I would truly be greatful.

    Cross fingers gonna try to post the pic. I can't figure out how to scan it and then get it here. I'm gonna work on it. The computer isn't reconizing my scanner. Any how If someone might want to take the task on helping me do fabric Art please please please let me know.

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    Senior Member seymoore's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
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    I don't know how to do that either, wish I could help you! Maybe we will learn together if other people respond.

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    Power Poster amma's Avatar
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    There are several ways/techniques to do this... are you wanting to tile, applique, do some thread painting? What are your thoughts/ideas? :D

    I will check back in a bit to see if you have been able to post a picture :D:D:D

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    Super Member dungeonquilter's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Ontario, Canada
    You can take the photo to a copy place (Kinkos, Staples) or office place and they should be able to scan the photo for you. You will need a usb drive to save it on.
    Or you can just have them enlarge it to the finished size you want, and trace your elements out from the copy.

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    Junior Member OCQuilts's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
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    Check out this great teacher!She taught at our shop, and plan to have her back!


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    MTS is offline
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    Nov 2010
    Here's a different creative option a member recently posted here:
    I'm just mentioning it because it so captivated my attention when it was first posted. Still does. It's definitely on my to do list.

    I don't know if you're looking to replicate the face in fabric, a la Charlotte Warr Anderson http://www.charlottewarrandersen.com/

    Or just print the photos on fabric (which is really an easy process).
    There is fabric already packaged and ready for printing available at Joann's. You just print out your scanned image and then treat it as fabric when incorporating into the larger quilt (sashings, borders,etc.).

    If the issue is just getting the scanned image, anyone with a scanner can do it for you, or as mentioned above, copy shops will do it for a nominal fee.

    But once the image is scanned, you can do anything with the file.

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    Junior Member lmc8's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Mesa, AZ
    I once made a banner of a realic bulldog in felt on canvas for my son's basebase ball team that turned out pretty well. All I did was photocopy the image a handfull of times, then cut out the various layers and shaded colored areas to use as cutting patterns for the different felt shapes that I then cutout and re-layered onto the canvas and affixed the felt with glue. I would think you could do the same technique with double-sided iron-on interfacing between fabrics layered onto a base fabric. I've also seen landscape quilting techniques on tv where they use charchoal pencils and fabric paints to emblesh the more difficult textures. Careful selection of fabrics in similiar but different tones and designs would be necessary as well. For instance with your avatar I would use an underlayer of a gray/tan batik fabric cut into the outline shape of the cat. Then I would layer the white patches and black strips, and green eyes, & pink nose shapes on top. Then perhaps use charchoal and/or chalk pencils/crayons to smear on the whiskers and fuzzy center of the ears. Then I would use a black perma-marker to outline the eyes, nose, and mouth. I hope that helps to give you a starting point to envision how you would go about doing the wall hanging of your grandson.

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    Apr 2011
    Hi, don't know how to help you but wanted to say I read your post.


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    Senior Member grammatjr's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by cindy4857
    Hi all, I have a black and white pic. of my grandson that I would like to duplicate it in fabric for a wall hanging. Only problem is I have no idea how to do it or where to start.

    Any how If someone might want to take the task on helping me do fabric Art please please please let me know.

    First, as far as your messages getting little response - I too have had that experience, but try to remember there are thousands upon thousands of people on this site, and as new messages come in, they move to the top of the list, so often, others sort of get lost in the shuffle. Don't take it personally. If you don't get response, send another message.

    Second, please excuse that below I am pointing to my quilts, but these are techinques I know and can offer as suggestions for what you want to do.

    I see that someone directed you to my tutorial (http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-130238-1.htm)on making Fusible Stained Glass Portraits. That is one option.

    Another option is to print a photo on fabric. There are packages at most fabric or quilt stores that you can just run the sheet through your printer, and it will print in color the photo you have chosen. Here is a link to that product at http://store.junetailor.com/store/p-...heetspack.aspx. One word of caution - make sure it is color fast! I did a project, and as soon as it got wet, it all disappeared! Uggh!!

    Personally the best print on fabric option for ME, is cyanotype printing, that is how I did these quilts:
    http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-142865-1.htm#3871075 & http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-141797-1.htm page 4 shows this technique.

    Also on page one of the last link is another option for making a portrait, it was my first try. It basically was a WHOLECLOTH quilt, and I did the portrait all in thread. It was alot easier than I thought it would be to make the pattern. The stitching was still a bit of a stretch for me, but very fun.

    There are many other options, mainly depending on what computer programs you have available, or how comfortable you are with sort of freehanding things.

    To give us an idea of what technique you want, please tell us some artists that use the style you want. For example: Maria Elkins, Marilyn Belford, etc, etc.

    If you want an applique, there are several photo editing programs which will change the photo into a graphic that would be easy to then take different fabrics, and fuse/applique them to a background. Let us know what programs you have and maybe we can be better help.

    Feel free to shoot me a PM if you want more info. Good luck, and be sure to show us your completed quilt.

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    Senior Member Kehoeta's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Greenbush, MI
    Cindy - I took a class through Quilt University that showed me how to take a photograph and create a quilt out of it. It was fascinating. I started with my husbands picture for the class and have now done a couple of friends, my Mom and Dad and even my dogs.

    Its all going to depend on how detailed you want to get.

    Good Luck... be sure to post your progress and end results.

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