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Thread: soooo frustrating

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    Tell her what your supplies would cost. Tell her what your time is worth, I'd not go lower than $8/hr., preferably $10. People just don't understand what goes into making a quilt.

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    After reading this, You certainly have the right to be annoyed! I just had a new classmate on campus balk at my quoted price for a quilt.

    She told me " They only go for $55 at Wal-Mart!" Yeah so I was upset and annoyed. My first thought was to tell her where i thought she could stick that Wal-mart quilt... but told her instead...You get what you pay for.

    People who have never seen the prices or the effort that goes into making a quilt are clueless. I find the best thing to to is to briefly explain that you are not being unfair and then go through the estimates of each type of price for a quilt (i.e. fabric per yard, batting, thread!, and all that). Some just don't know prices. They only see a quilt.

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    I think that when people appreciate others talents they have no problems paying for it. Quilting takes time and money both of which is worth paying for, pastors wife or not. So I agree with another quilter, she said, set your price, make sure you include your time and money and then its her choice. You'll do great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tealfalcon
    I just had to come here where you all would understand....I had this lady ask me today about making her a table runner....she wants the spicy spiral table runner or one with stars...every time she comes over she oos and aahs over my quilts. So i told her i would be more then happy to make her one....here is the kicker...she wants to pay 12.00....ummm there isnt any way to make it for 12.00 unless i am wrong, if someone knows something i dont please fill me in....She is a pastor's wife...not at my church and a very sweet lady but i just cant do it for that price...when i told her i couldnt do it for that price she acted like she was offended...so what am i supposed to do? just give in an do it for that? anyways just had to get that out and hope that some of you can relate
    why on earth should you give your time and labor free because of guilt feelings...not a good mix.
    she has the issue if she is offended...not you.

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    Jozefow, Poland
    I wouldn't worry about saying no to $12 for making something. Depends on her age, but sometimes older people live in a different world when it comes to costs. I know my parents do. Paying someone what they should be paid is just difficult for some people.

    Whether or not she's a pastor's wife is irrelevant. It would be far more relevant if she were a friend of yours--no matter her DH's occupation.

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    Sep 2011
    Justflying....you are so right about the age thing.....my parents were like that, they think their still in that era when things were not that expensive......but you got to luv them anyways.

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    ditto - what deanna says

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