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:P I have been there, done that flying goddess.

My niece speaks Japanese. Took 4 years of Japanese in high school and 4 years in college. Spent a year in Japan on a Fulbright Scholarship after college grad. 5/05. Going to law school this fall. Translates for people here also. She is such a busy girl. Plays in you symphony (viola), youngest person to have auditioned for them, when she was out of 8th grade, and be accepted. Gives music lessons, helps at a middle school in music dept. and taking piano lessons. Play for a symphony or 2 in Wy., as there are not many viola players.

Earler this year she applied to the New York Symphony and they wanted her to fly to New York, so they could interview her. They sent $500, for expenses, she declined and returned the money.

Don't know how much you have done of this quilt, but I would no doubt sew all the side seams together and then serge, or go country prmitive look, and use pinking shears with plyers. :) Now the front loos really nice, so don't beat yourself up!!!!

Are your a pilot? I am going to take flying lesson this summer and I am 64...don't look it, I am told. If those people are figging to me, well I'll get 'em. Ha

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Konbanwa. ("good evening")

Did your niece take Japanese as a class in high school? :shock: All we could take was Spanish (we used to have Latin, but the teacher retired a couple of years ago and they haven't gotten a replacement) and this year they started offering German via live video.

I don't speak a whole lot of Japanese. I know more single Japanese words than Japanese sentences/phrases. Most of the Japanese I know came from watching anime and playing video games. There just aren't any places (around here anyways) that actually teach Japanese. And Japanese is a really hard language to learn. There are so many different words that can mean the same thing and then there's the formailities. And you can say so much and it can mean very little and you can say very little and actually be saying a whole lot. That's partially why dubbing anime can be difficult because if there's a lot of talking but not really saying a whole lot they translators have to figure out how to fill all that in with English. Same if they say a couple words and it translates into a mouthful of words. I wanted to go to Japan as a forgien exchange student, but the idea never got off the ground (mostly because you'd have to sign up really early because Japan is one of AFS's most popular exchange programs and I would of never been able to afford going there).

Nope. Not a pilot. Nor am I associated with geese. My favorite band is an all-female heavy metal band named Kittie and the lead singer plays a Flying V guitar. Hence, Flying V Goddess.

Uh...the quilt...not going so well...I'm going to have to seam rip the layers apart.