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All through life I have had to fend off hurtful remarks.
"You're a teacher so you don't have a real job." "Do you know how tall you are?" "You know how to use a chain saw?" "Why would anyone sew?" "Ewwww, you got that at a yard sale, how awful!" "You let your children go to foreign countries --- people are different there!!!" On and on. Sometimes my brain works well and I give a very sweet, thought provoking comment that makes anyone listening realize how wrong the speaker is. Sometimes I just smile and stare at them until they start to think. My husband says just to consider the source. I liked the comment about pigs, right on!

Reminds me of the time shortly after I bought my house. I was single and 36. My dear aunt repeated what our priest said to her. ....."why would a single girl buy a house?". Well....duh!! To live in! I was po'd I have to admit but then had to laugh! BECAUSE I COULD BUY A HOUSE! Gosh!