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Thread: A TV, a Nook or a Kindle Fire for my sewing room .....????

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    Senior Member Stitch124's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
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    A TV, a Nook or a Kindle Fire for my sewing room .....????

    Ladies --

    I've got a choice to make and I need your advice. I'm celebrating my 20th yr service anniversary at my job and for my award gift I can choose from a lot of things from the catalog. I've narrowed it down to a 15" LED HDTV with DVD player built in or a Nook or a Kindle Fire. I plan to use this in my sewing room and don't know which device would be the most useful. I know that the Nook and Kindle Fire are mostly for reading, but I know they also play movies, plus they are portable, so if I was sitting in the easy chair hand quilting or knitting, I could also have the Kindle or Nook close by. Just wondering if either have internet access so if I needed to look up a tutorial on Google I could watch it on the device.

    The other is the TV which has a very nice HD LED picture and plays DVD's so I can watch movies or TV anytime, not portable but nice to have.

    What do you all think???


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    Super Member alleyoop1's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    The Nook and Kindle Fire have smaller screens than a 15" TV. A TV with a built in DVD player, if one breaks then you have to replace the entire thing.

    Check out Amazon for info on Kindle Fire. I've seen it (DD has one) and the picture quality is good. If you have wireless internet at your home, you can get internet and some TV on it - depends on your cable company and package. Also can get free or cheap tv, like HULU. Do some online research before you decide. And enjoy what you do choose!

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    Senior Member bunniequilter's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
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    Hmmm....tough one. Personaly I would take the TV.Wht not draw from a hat and surprise yourself. Btw congrats on your award!
    Quilt outside of the box!

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    Super Member Rose Marie's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    Clay Springs AZ
    Nook is having problems so Kindle is a better choice.
    I would go with the TV but if you dont own a Kindle they are nice to have for all the free books.
    Kindle in the sewing room? Its to small to be useful in sewing room.

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    Feb 2011
    New Rockford, ND
    i would choose the tv

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    Super Member SherriB's Avatar
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    I would not choose the Nook. We got one for my DD for Christmas in 2011. It never did work well. She hasn't used it in ages. She uses her laptop or Ipod instead. We have 2 Kindle Fires and love them. I enjoy reading and watching TV/movies on mine. DH loves his for reading and playing the apps. I mostly use the kitchen table for my sewing and will prop my Kindle up and watch things on it. We have a wireless internet router that the Kindles use and also have Netflix and Amazon Prime.

    If you use Amazon a lot, the Kindle will give you a free trial of Amazon Prime. On many, many items you can get free 2 day shipping. We use it for everything!! And you get free streaming from their video library. Not as much as with Netflix, but worth it just the same.

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    Super Member dakotamaid's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    South central Nebraska, US
    Ditto on the TV. I have both the nook and kindle and the screens are too small for any viewing of videos. I have a 13 inch old type TV in my sewing room and I'm looking to replace it with a larger. I'm getting older and my eyes need a bigger screen to see details easier. JMHO
    Have a great day sewing and remember to "not sweat the small stuff"!!

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    Sep 2011
    Southern Indiana
    I used to have a TV in my sewing room, and I really miss it. I could watch movies, football, (yes Im a big big football fan, NFL) or anything else I wanted. If I had a choice I would pick the TV.

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    Super Member sharoney's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    South Texas
    I would definitely go with the tv. I have an iPad, which I use all the time, but I never watch movies on it.(typing on it right now) and the amazon movie streaming is great. We use it a lot. Some are free, and some you have to rent, but its instant -

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    Super Member Pat625's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    North Pole
    I love my Kindle Fire..It is versitile and compact...I have a TV in my sewing area, but most times I have it on for the noise when I am home alone...I use my Fire for just about everything!

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