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I have been quilting for about a year, have actually made very few quilts but have done some doll quilt swaps and block swaps.
In fact I have only made three full size quilts, one for a neighbor when she was going through chemo, one for her first grandchild and one for my dad. My neighbor cried when I gave her the quilt. She delivered the baby quilt to her daughter when she had the baby, I have never even had her acknowledge the quilt and I have seen her pretty often and see the baby every weekend. When I gave my dad the quilt I thought he would really appreciate it since his mom made quilts. Well I don't think they had it out of the gift bag for 30 seconds, his wife said, Oh yeah, that's nice and stuffed it back in the bag.
I was so proud of those quilts and it just broke my heart to see that two of the three were truly not even appreciated, probably not even wanted. That has really put a damper on me wanting to make any more gift quilts.
i have been there--spent months working on a sunbonnet sue full size bed quilt for my granddaughter and before i bought a backing i showed it to her. her response made me stop in my tracks. i put the quilt away for over two years now and have done nothing to it. i spoke to several people and they all say the same thing--she missed out. 'quilt for yourself', ohsue, and enjoy making something that makes YOU happy.