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Thread: Up to my armpits in fabric...

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    Smile Up to my armpits in fabric...

    Taking advantage of the long holiday to sort my fabric. Should NOT have been a difficult task but have 24 64 quart containers and only 2 are sorted...kinda. Dragged everthing into the living room, put the cutting table up next to the computer so I can chat and fold.

    My goodness the interesting fabric! LOL...Thought about sorting scraps into squares or strips but that could take all month so will pass on that. Decided to sort fabric into bundles that look nice together for Quilts for Kids and Quilts of Valor. Found ribbin to tie the bundles together so can grab a project and find a pattern.

    Know what the hardest part is...fondling fabric and wanting to stop sorting and start sewing.

    Looking foward to going to work today for my four hours so I can get off my feet and rest!

    Have a good weekend my fellow Quilters!
    If you don't work on it you'll never finish it.

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    Super Member Lori S's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Sounds like you are having an "achivel dig" sorting and sifting through the layers of history of fabric purchases. My hats of to you for starting. I look at my stash ..knowing it is desperate for some organization... and just get stuck.

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    Woodmere, NY
    Thank god I did that last weekend. Felt like I was getting toured. I got most of it into nine labeled sweater containers. I still have a huge bag to cut into usable squares. This weekend I need to shorten pants, and clean. Think I will have lunch, and a nap first.

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    So Plymouth, NY
    Have to say, 24- 64 quart containers, you must be past your eyebrows, not just armpits! I too, need to resort, refold and reinventory. My excuse is I'm waiting for colder weather and/or a rainy day for a project like that. Last time I did this, I was appalled at the amount of fabric I had. Didn't even remember buying some of it, but know we're both in good company in this! Hope your day was enlightening and productive. Now go have fun the rest of the weekend.

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    Feb 2011
    wow thats alot af fabric im slowly trying to get mine all prewashed but i hate ironing ive traded with my mom she dose the ironing and i sew clothes for her only problem is she keeps lossing weight so i have to keep taking in her skirts.

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    Doesn't take all that long to acquire lots of it - - - -

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    Aug 2010
    st. louis area
    I have over 16 giant plastic boxes of fabrics/scraps that I just inherited from my sister in law who can no longer quilt on account of alzheimers. I am half way thru it. This is more than I will ever use so what I don't want I am donating to a church who quilts.

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    I know what you mean

    I so relate to "the hardest part".... i've been working on my sewing room for quite a while.... here is so far...
    Attached Images Attached Images

    "Each day well-lived and Happy
    that's all there is to LIFE!"

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    Boy do I know how you are feeling!! I acquired off of Craigs List 6 large 3 drawer plastic containers with fabric in all sizes and shapes stuffed to the gills in the drawers. Thank heavens they were somewhat sorted by color in the bins but it has taken me several weeks to sort thru it and fold and put away the fabric and I am still only about 2/3 done. I agree the hardest part is to not set aside this one or that one and start sewing!!!
    unclefreckles' Grandma

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    Great ideas, I need to get this stash out of boxes I have sorted by color.

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