Wow, i wish i could understand this thread, but i guess it doesnt matter right now. When i make quilt labels, i use iron on transfer sheets, because i like to say something special on each quilt, who its too, a date, and aq special scripture verse maybe, and who its from, and say i love you and stuff. But i notice how stiff the fabric labels are from the iron on. I've wondered how long these labels will last. So ive been wondering if i should be writing a label with a permaq pen instead, but when my grandma was in a nuirsing home, all her clothes had her name on them with a perma pen, but after a few washings you could hardly read it any more. So ive really been wondering the nicest and best ways for me to make labels, i dont embroider, it sounds like iron on transfers do eventually crack like how t-shirt decals do, maybe i will have to sometime think about printing right onto fabric like you're talking about here, or find a good perma pen idea, i dont know...confused lol; lol