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Thread: What corner is quilt label placed?

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    Power Poster dunster's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Albany, Oregon
    I tend to put mine in the lower left, so it's the lower right when you look at the quilt from the front. But it really doesn't matter. Having a label = good.

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    Super Member ube quilting's Avatar
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    You can put a lable anywhere you want unless you are entering it in a show and the rules have a specific requirement for it. I think most people place them in the lower right corner of the back (when you are looking at the back). I have seen great lables that take up the whole center area of quilts. You are free to doName:  july31 061.JPG
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Size:  1.21 MB anything that you can think of and create! Here is something that I do.peace
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    Super Member CoventryUK's Avatar
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    Coventry UK
    A long as it is labelled is all that matters!!! I usually sew 2 edges into the binding, that way the label is not easily removed!! Your quilt=your choice!!!

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    Super Member quiltsRfun's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    I've seen them all over the place. Some are near the center and incorporated into a block, some are in one of the corners. Don't know that it matters - your quilt, your choice.

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    Super Member joyce888's Avatar
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    I always place mine bottom right - but I'm right handed. And I always have a top and bottom to every quilt, even a square one.

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    I can't imagine that there is a rule or standard for this. On all quilts that I have made and put labels on (confessing that I haven't done that on all the quilts I've made) I put it in the lower left hand corner when the quilt back is facing up. Just always seemed to be the right place to me.
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    Senior Member YukonViv's Avatar
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    Being left handed hasn't anything to do with it.

    Whew, just had to say that, as a fellow left-hander I avoid using that as an excuse for anything.

    Like others have said above, unless you are entering it in a show and need to follow their rules and regulations, put it where ever you wish. I like to use the triangle label like someone pictured above, it keeps two seams in the binding and less likely to be removed. I just put it on whatever corner strikes me at the time.

    Hope that helps!
    Yukon Territory, Canada

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    Senior Member Drue's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Grapeland, Texas
    I usually put mine where I want them to be, however, when entering my "Woodland Creatures" quilt into the Tyler (Texas) quilt show, coming up on the 23/24 of this month....the rules/regulations say it has to be in the right side lower corner. I had to move my label from the middle (after 2 previous quilt shows which had no preferences). I do understand there rule tho.....that means they are all in the same place so they don't have to search for the labels when preparing the shows. ( I did work on preparing one last year and it does take some time looking for the labels)
    I am always amazed at how many quilters do not label their quilts! with a "permanent" type, sewn on label . We got a some with safety pinned , paper labels on their quilts.....go figure!
    As QM says...if you're not entering into a quilt show...put where it "melts your butter".

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    Super Member athenagwis's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostrider View Post
    It doesn't really matter and, actually, the way most people look for a label is from the front side, so turning over the bottom right corner is natural. That means a label on the bottom left corner when you're looking at the backside is just right. Don't sweat the small stuff; you're doing just fine.
    This is what I do and the exact same reason. The right is the natural side to flip to look for a label, so you have to put it bottom left when looking at the back to get it there. But I don't think there is any right or wrong at all!! I am happy if my quilts even get a label!! Most don't!


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    Super Member ckcowl's Avatar
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    Northern Michigan
    you can put your label anywhere you want! i've seen them as a fairly large block right in the center of a quilt back- on the front, written along the binding, around a border, on the top, right, left, bottom, right, left, center, as part of the blocks on the top... there is no rule that says they have to be in any particular location...for show quilts i read once that a good place to put a (permenent) label was on the backing-at the top- under the hanging sleeve- then it may not be seen-known it is there- but if anything were to happen to the quilt it would be easy enough to prove it is yours-by lifting the hanging sleeve....anywhere you want!
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