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Thread: What Do You Do With The Quilts You Make?

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    Super Member MissM's Avatar
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    Nov 2009
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    What Do You Do With The Quilts You Make?

    This is a question my husband has asked me, "What are you going to do with all these quilts?" Of course some go to charity, and some are gifts for friends and family, and some we use ourselves. However, as far as the rest I don't have an answer.
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    Super Member Scissor Queen's Avatar
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    I tell my hubby they're for the girls to fight over when I'm dead. I get a look and he leaves me alone. LOL

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    Senior Member teddysmom's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Stanley NC
    I'm a newbie. First quilt is on our bed. 2nd quilt is waiting for first great granddaughter, 3rd quilt given to our oldest son, 4th quilt (I'm working on it now) is for our granddaughter, next quilt (in waiting) is for our bed because first quilt is going to oldest granddaughter. Don't know about the rest because I've got several kits and several packages of fabric bought for specific patterns. I'm not worried about where they are going. At this point, quilting is my "sanity".

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    Mine are all for gifts. I feel like I spend a lot of money on each quilt, so I justify the cost by saving having to buy a present for family. I gave wall hangings to my moms and pops for Mothers/Fathers Days out of fabrics that cost me nearly nothing. The backings were made of an old sheet that I got for $1 and the front was made from a box of fabrics that I got at a yard sale for $5 (and still have oodles left) and instead of batting, I used a blanket that Granny gave us for Christmas. I gave my dad the first quilt I made last year for Christmas and he almost cried, he was so proud of it. I pick out quilt tops that I like and want to quilt then when it's finished, I pick who it's going to go to. I figure if I mess it up, it stays here!!
    I've often thought if I was very industrious (I'm not yet!) and had a giant stack of quilts at Christmas time, I would just let people choose which one they want!
    You can have any design you want. As long as it's loops!

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    Super Member Annie68's Avatar
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    I use on them on beds in the house, some are lap quilts for cold winter evenings and the rest are gifts for family and lots of them go to various charity projects.

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    Super Member ckcowl's Avatar
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    Feb 2009
    Northern Michigan
    i gift quilts, donate quilts, sell quilts & once in a great while i even keep a quilt
    hiding away in my stash where i'm warm, safe and happy

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    Super Member auntpiggylpn's Avatar
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    I don't have one single quilt I have made. They are all given away as gifts!
    No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank
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    Some of mine are for my adult children and grandchildren. I have told close friends that when my "time comes" they are to be sure and come over and take what they want.

    I heard years ago that if you have blocks waiting to be made into a quilt top and/or you have quilt tops just waiting to be quilted to pin on them the name of a friend or family member or organization that you want to receive it and that way if your "time comes" your family won't just get rid of them or worse yet throw them out!! When they come across one that says "For Betty" they will KNOW that it was meant to go to Betty. I really think that is a great idea!!
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    Heaven and Earth are full of His Glory!

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    Sonoma County, CA
    I've only been quilting since the start of this year but I've been doing it obsessively so I've made a few already. My first one is one for myself but I made so many mistakes on it I haven't been motivated to finish the darn thing (the top is pieced, it's a gigantic king size quilt). Then #2 was a wedding gift for my boss. #3, 4, 5 & 6 are all Christmas presents (2 of which are not quite finished). #7 was for me again (a quickie whole-cloth quilt made from a gorgeous block print tablecloth I bought while on a trip for our anniversary), # 8 & 9 were quickie baby quilts for Linus Project I made from jelly rolls (just need to do a final wash on those before I can drop them off), #10 I just began - another Christmas present. I have 2 more child size quilts and 3 more larger quilts to make for Christmas, and if I have time perhaps two more after that...all for Christmas presents.

    So if I get everything done, that's seventeen quilts I'll make this year (wow), 2 of which are for myself, one of which will be for my husband. Then after THAT (if I'm not burnt out!) I have plans for at least 3 more quilts I will make for myself!!

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    Senior Member Toni C's Avatar
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    I'm like Auntpiggylpn I don't have a single one I have gifted all that I have made

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