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Thread: What I learned about quilting

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinkcastle View Post
    One thing that I have learned about quilting is that perfection isn't near as important as having fun while quilting. The other thing is that I can't figure out how some tools disappear when I just used them two minutes ago.
    You have the same gremlins as me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mkc View Post
    As the adopter of 3 rescue dogs, I would just like to say a huge "THANK YOU" to all the quilters out there who donate their fabric crafts to animal shelters. It warms my heart to think this craft I've decided to learn has so many wonderful gifters of comfort and love in it.

    cats like them, too.

    i never worry any more whether or not i will find somebody who likes a quilt i've made.
    might be a people; might be a critter; but somebody's gonna cuddle up in it.
    I Quilt, I Nap, I Quilt Some More ... Aaaaah, The Good Life!

    I also have an eddres you can use if you need to contact me with questions or suggestions that relate to our community: patricej@quiltingboard.com

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    I like how all of you think!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ceannastahr View Post
    What I have learned about quilting in the past few years;
    1. Daisy chaining small pieces for quilt blocks saves a lot of thread: and, creates a new toy/game for the puppy if it slides off the back of the desk.
    2. A fingernail is a great tool. Placed in that elusive groove it makes it easy to guide fabric for 1/4" seams; unfortunately, it does tend to break. Replacements take forever.
    3. Die cutting pieces is a wonderful time saver: and, the unattended mat makes a great chew toy.
    4. Instruction manuals give great information once you learn the language.
    5. Directions are only suggestions; follow only when they apply - sort of like speed limits.
    6. When a "mess up" isn't seen until the guilt top is done - just say you're following ancient traditions. A flaw must be present to avoid upsetting the gods.
    You've learned the most important thing of all, keeping your sense of humor through the entire process and through the years! Toooooo funny!

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    Thanks for the 'words of inspiration' this morning!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KwiltyKahy View Post
    I've also learned, "Finished is better than perfect". That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
    Ditto to that!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iamquilter View Post
    And only God is perfect , so your quilts do not have to be perfect.
    That was the premise behind Native American beading...there was always a "spirit bead" somewhere in the piece that was "out of place". It was said to have been the Great Spirit reminding everyone that he was the only perfect one...

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    I loved reading your post this AM. I have also learned those patterns labeles as "easy" doesn't mean I won't make a beginners mistake.

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    Many years ago I purchased a magnificent quilt done by the Mennonites from a community here in Ontario & I was told that they purposely put in a mistake because "only God is perfect" & that works for me too.If people want perfect then buy plastic, wood is wood because it has character & so do quilts. My quilts have lots of character but made with LOTS of LOVE.
    Dance like no one is watching

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    Patience, patience, and more patience.
    If something is bugging you, go walk away or put it away for a couple of days. An AHA moment can strike at any time.

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