Originally Posted by polly13 When I was a child I always outlined the pictures I colored in my coloring books. It has pretty well carried over to my machine applique. Therefore, any thread that accents what I have made works for me. Sometimes it's a different color to look like an outline, other times it's one to blend.
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Well said - this is what I like to do but didn't think about the fact that that is how I colored as a child :lol:
Interesting observation. I thought back to how I colored, and I never outlined, I often colored outside the lines, but I never used the "proper" colors on what I was coloring (ie: you'd see a patchwork colored teddy bear and not a brown one). As an adult, I am drawn to abstract paintings, impressionist art, and anything colorful. Yep, you hit that nail on the head!

Oh, and thank you to everyone here on which thread(s) to use...apparently it's "anything goes" and that totally works for me!