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If you really have your heart set on this pattern, you could do three sections instead of two. Make the middle side as stated in the tutorial and each outside section 1/2 the size. I would make each of the outside sections match each other, but different from the middle section.
Would I still be able to do the different sized and different width pieces as described and as pictured, could I do two and cut one in half to make 3, and when you say to line them up on each side and do the sides the same- is that going to create a look of three different pieces instead of two- which is what makes the blanket look like 2 twins, I want it to flow all as one, not be piecy looking, and theres no way to do it all as one? just do the the quilt in the strips with the full width of the blanket and then sew the strips together? +
Yes, you could still do them different widths as described and pictured. You could make two and cut one in half, but it is kind of tricky to cut that long of a piece straight. If your seams aren't right on, you could end up with less than straight sections as Scissor Queen said. If you sew really straight seams, this would not be as dificult. This could also occur the way they have you trim the uneven edge after sewing the strips all together. What I was talking about (the outside sections 1/2 the size) is to cut the selvage to selvage strips in half and then sew each strip together in the same order which would give the same look as cutting a whole piece (what they show as half the quilt) in half. I think with the outer edges matching, it would give it a balanced and cohesive look. As for your last question, I think Scissor Queen answered that.
A tip, if you make this quilt, for sewing a lot of long strips together, is to sew the first two strips from left to right (or vise versa). Sew the next in the opposite direction (right to left) and keep alternating as you go. I hope this clarified my previous post and your questions.