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Thread: Why do they call it a "stash"?

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    Senior Member Prissnboot's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Houston TX

    Why do they call it a "stash"?

    I got to wondering, why do they call it a stash? I googled the definition and found: "to put by or away as for safekeeping or future use, usually in a secret place", which pretty much settles it!

    I mean, how many of us run our fabric purchases by someone else before making said purchase? I firmly believe that I could buy some fabric here and there and tuck it away with the rest of my stuff and my husband would be none the wiser! He only comes into my sewing room on an invited basis, usually for me to either show something off or solicit his help with choosing colors for the next project, so he really has no idea when my fabric collection grows, and since it still fits (for now) in a closet, how would he know the difference anyway?

    Just wanted to share a bit of humor...have a great day to all and Happy Sewing!
    She looks for wool and flax And works with her hands in delight.

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    Moderator QuiltnNan's Avatar
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    Mar 2011
    western NY formerly MN, FL, NC, SC
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    This is the definition I found through Google; I think it applies to quilters

    Store (something) safely and secretly in a specified place: "their wealth had been stashed away in Swiss banks".
    A secret store of something: "a stash of money".
    Synonyms: verb. hide - conceal - secrete
    noun. cache
    Nancy in western NY
    before you speak THINK
    T is it True? H is it Helpful? I is it Inspiring? N is it Necessary? K is it Kind?

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    Power Poster erstan947's Avatar
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    Feb 2010
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    That about says it all! Also, don't mess with MY stash!

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    Super Member Pat625's Avatar
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    Mar 2012
    North Pole
    Now that I am single and don't have to hide anything, is my fabric collection still a stash??

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    Super Member MaryMo's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    I'm single and I enjoy my stash ..... some of neighbors wonder about me because I've given over my dining room (spreading into living room) but this is MY house and I've decided I'll live as I want.
    Make it a scrappy happy day!

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    Super Member moonwork42029's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Possum Trot, KY
    copied from others :P

    Acronyms used by quilters

    • BOM = Block of the Month
    • DSM = Domestic Sewing Machine
    • FART = Fabric Acquisition Road Trip
    • FOB = Fear of Binding (thanks, KayEllen!)
    • FQ = Fat Quarter
    • HIPS = Hundreds of Ideas Piling Skyward (thanks, Mavis!)
    • HST = Half-Square Triangle
    • LAQ= Long Arm Quilter
    • LQS = Local Quilt Shop
    • MAQ = Mid-Arm Quilter
    • PhD = Projects half Done
    • PIGS = Projects in Grocery Sacks
    • SABLE = Stash Accumulation Beyond Life Expectancy
    • SEX = Stash Enhancing eXperience (or eXcursion)
    • STASH = Special Treasures All Secretly Hidden
    • TGIF = Thank God It's Finished!
    • TOT = Tone-on-Tone
    • UFO = UnFinshed Object
    • WHIMM = Works Hidden In My Mind
    • WIP = Work In Progress
    • WISP = Work In Slow Progress
    • WOF = Width of Fabric
    • WOMBAT = Waste of Money, Batting, and Time
    • WOW = White On White
    Lisa L.
    Howdies from Possum Trot (yes it does exist)
    My most recent swap - Boomerang 16

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    Senior Member Toni C's Avatar
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    Mar 2009
    Moonwork I think all but FOB applies to me LOL

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    Power Poster lynnie's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Long Island
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    Coz you pay cash, and don't wanna throw in the trash.
    As good as any reason i guess
    maybe i should call it something else, no one
    Would know what I'm talking about, and that would be good.
    everyone is always saying i have enough.but...honestly,i don't.
    do we ever???????

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    Super Member Dolphyngyrl's Avatar
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    Jan 2009
    Southern California
    Because we hid it in secret places, I wish I had enough to have to hide it.

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    Aug 2011
    metro Portland, OR
    My "stash" is out in plain sight in the garage for anyone to see. Now that my sweetie is the Executive Producer of the TV program he is always coming up with ideas and goes to look to see if there is something I can use.
    He does suggest I sell somethings to make room for new so hopefully, I will be doing that again soon.
    I choose to give my life away for things that last forever

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