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Thread: This is why I only do applique quilts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonomine View Post
    What are thangles? No, I didn't use a rotary cutter. It's been so long since I've used them their as dull as a butter knife!
    Oh My!!! You really need to use a rotary cutter - it will improve the quality of cuts dramatically. And I can see that you need to get a good quarter inch seam. the hourglass unit on the right where seamed to the center unit shows a seam that is over a quarter inch to the naked eye. I would have taken that one out and re-sewn. The good news is that some of the triangles are spot on, so I think you are close to getting this right. Just check each one for size (we call it squaring up) before you join it to the next unit.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Peckish View Post
    No. She really means Thangles. It's sort of a pre-printed paper piecing system.

    Thanks a bunch, Peggi!
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    You know, I had to really look for the errors. If they don't jump out at me, I'd say quilt 'er up and count it as practice. Once it's quilted, they won't be obvious at all. I think it's very nice. I haven't been quilting long, and some of my first attempts were disasters. But practice really does make.. well, at least better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by quiltingdragon View Post
    I am still horrible with triangles. One of the ladies in the guild taught me to cut them so they come out right. It's all about finding a cutting and measuring style that works for you. I started piecing with simple patchwork squares, nine patches, etc - no triangles, just worked on seam matching. Then I moved up to things like shoo fly, churn dash, and friendship stars. I'm just starting to try some of the patterns with more triangles now after almost 6 years of serious quilting.
    I agree, it's best to work on one thing at a time and then step up to more difficult patterns. Voice of experience here, I thought everything should turn out right the first time---Wrong!

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    I have been quilting for 30 years - still not perfect....lol...but, the girls are right. You must double check your cutting - must use a rotary cutter and be sure to line up your ruler markings the same way each time you cut (are you inside the heavy black lines or on the outside edge of them). But the number one thing I have found is in pressing! I use a cut & press board with ruler markings on it - and I actually block the quilt squares as I press with steam. Triangles especially will stretch...so blocking them to the correct size works wonders! Then, just keep doing your piecing...it really does improve with practice! Yours looks fine to me!

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    I wish mine were more accurate also but as my eyesight goes, I am more careful and still have to overlook the small mistakes.

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    I love making triangles with Thangles or other printed papers. Also, I never sew the bias triangles together. Put two blocks together, draw diagonal line corner to corner, draw 1/4" from that and sew. Then cut to make two half square triangle blocks. But your applique boggles my mind. I can't imagine the work that went into those wedding rings or the Twelve Days of Christmas. Wow. You are way too hard on yourself. Enjoy what you do well and practice what needs improvement. It's what we all do.
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    I have similar issues with triangles...I solve that by sticking to squares and rectangles! LOL

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    As my old teacher always said - practice makes perfect. It is not that bad, keep trying! You should have seen my first quilt. Oh boy, but my quilting friend made me pull out the stitches and do it again! It worked, but I still have mishaps. Don't get dissapointed, keep trying and you will see, in no time everything just works out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by maviskw View Post
    Thanks a bunch, Peggi!
    I saw a tutorial on Thangles and it really helped me. Working with a large square and cutting into triangles after sewing gives much less chance for stretching, etc. I only saw one spot that was really bad, and that should be easy to fix. You can stretch some plain "in between" areas, but those triangle points in a deep contrast are just impossible to hide.

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