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Thread: Would a presser foot with a 1/4 inch side help me stay lined up on seam?

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    Would a presser foot with a 1/4 inch side help me stay lined up on seam?

    Our 201K Singer has a rather narrow presser foot, and so far I have been using a small piece of masking tape stuck to the surface 1/4 inch away from the needle to help guide me as I sew my seams. Unfortunately, my lighting sometimes causes a shadow at the spot all the action is taking place. I'm wondering if there's such a thing as a presser foot with an edge 1/4 inch from the needle that would work better than my current approach. Or am I destined to blunder blindly as my mind plays guessing games "on the fly" about whether I'm sewing along a shadow line or along a masking tape marker? Thanks all. Don

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    Junior Member totosmom's Avatar
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    Yes, Don, there a great little foot that will help you ... AND allow you to get that tape off the bed of your machine. It's called a Little Foot (clever, huh?) and you can order it on the web. I believe the 201 is a low shank machine (but you should check to be sure), so this one should work.


    I have one for my 201 and another for my 15-91 and they work great! The markings are easy for my aging eyes to see, and it's marked front & back as well as to the side. You may be able to find it locally -- I got mine at a local sew & vac store. No more blundering blindly as your mind plays guessing games "on the fly" -- sounds good to me!

    Hope this helps!
    Dorothy in PA

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    I've used both kinds and find my seams are more consistent with the one that has the metal guide on the edge.

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    me too, katier. my kenmore model has a 'fence' on the edge for a consistent seam as long as i don't 'shove' the fabric up against it. i've also used that foot on my brother 6000i. both are low shank machines.
    Nancy in western NY
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    Until you get your foot, put a couple of layers of masking tape down, so that there's a ridge formed to guide the fabric. Much easier to feel and guide rather than by eye. A recent tip was to use a 3M command strip that you would use with those removeable hooks. It comes off with no residue when you remove it and is thick enough to make a nice guide.
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    I wouldn't be able to quilt without my 1/4" foot. Before I got that foot, I used the edge of my presser foot, but it was more than 1/4" and changed the size of my quilt. My foot has a metal guide and works beautifully. I also can change the position of my needle (just a little or it will hit the foot and break the needle) and that makes a scant 1/4". Looking forward to pictures of your project.

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    Also can use a short stack of post-it-notes! stick down so the high edge is 1/4" away from needle and can be removed easily. I leave the blue painter tape down and then can re position the note pad quickly.

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    There was a thread recently about using a Command strip. To answer your question, I purchased the 1/4 foot similar to this one, but I still had seams that weren't perfect.
    Then one of my vintage machines came with a tool like this, only solid where this on is open. It works for me and is easy to pop out of the way when I want other than 1/4" seam.
    I wish the metal part that guides the fabric was a little longer, but it works well. You can also adjust it to a scant 1/4 easily by loosening the screw and sliding the bar.
    I've been quilting two years now and can't sew a straight 1/4" seam without my guide.

    I also tried a magnetic one from my LQS. Ah, the 301 is aluminum so that was a no-go and it could be moved slightly over time on the 15.

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    Super Member Lori S's Avatar
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    I was pretty good at 1/4 inch seams without the foot... but bought one .... life changing.. Because I am not so focused on the action at the foot , I can concenrate on the two fabrics as the feed through. I love it.. I can sew faster and more accurate. A big plus is my eyes are not as tired as quickly.

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    Love mine! Wouldn't want to quilt without it!
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