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Thread: Would you recommend this pattern for a first quilt?

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    Would you recommend this pattern for a first quilt?


    After receiving some great advice from my thread about supplies I feel ready to tackle my first proper quilt.

    I saw this pattern today. There is a written pattern and a tutorial at Missouri Quilt Co.


    Would you recommend this as a first pattern for me to tackle? I have general sewing skills but patchwork and quilting are new to me.

    Many thanks.

    Clare x

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    as long as you are able to sew a consistant 1/4" seam- tend to be fairly accurate- you should be able to make the quilt. if you tend to be on the (impatient) side of personality traits you may want to start with something a bit different- but as long as you can go slowly, sew precisely, and (follow) along you should be find. everyone has their own (learning curve) my first quilt was quite extreme, i know intermediate/advanced quilters who still don't want to tackle what i did for my first- but it worked out ok for me...you need to know yourself and your tendancies- if you tend to be a bit more (impatient- consistancy not your cup of tea) a simple patch work may be a better choice to start with- I would jump in & make that one though...
    since it's a jelly roll quilt- do you plan to purchase pre-cut strips? or cut your own? if cutting your own-you also have to be capable of cutting accurately-
    if purchasing jelly rolls, know that even pre-cuts are not always accurate (few people are really perfect-in spite of what they may believe)
    I like the pattern & hope you make it & show us pictures of it!
    hiding away in my stash where i'm warm, safe and happy

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    Cute pattern.

    So, not to scare you off it but I just want to mention three things that were not included (they never are) in the video or pattern but that, as a new quilter, you should be aware of before you start.
    And they are not just relevant to this pattern

    Not all jelly roll strips are created equal.
    It's kind of hard to maintain a perfect strip width, even with a perfectly sewn 1/4" seam allowance, if you start out with unequal strips.
    This way you can be sure you'll end up with a 2" finished strip width.

    When sewing strip sets, always alternate the direction when you add a new strip.
    So after sewing the first two strips together top to bottom, turn the strip set and add the third strip (so what was the bottom is now going through the machine first).
    This helps stabilize the strip set, and prevents it from bowing (which can happen if you're always sewing in the same direction). It's a torque thing.
    In the case of this pattern, also alternate the directions when sewing the two strip sets together.
    One side top to bottom, the other in the opposite direction.

    And third (and MQC always does this):
    When you cut those squares from the strip sets, please be very aware that the ALL the edges are exposed bias.
    That means they are very stretchy.
    And once you stretch bias, there is no unstretching it, and it can easily change the dimensions of your blocks.
    So handle with care, and when you press the blocks, do it gently.
    Same goes for when you attach the blocks together.
    Otherwise, you could end up with a quilt top that has the topography of the Rocky Mountains.

    You might want to starch the strips sets before you sew them together.
    I'm a starch fiend, so I like mine to be as stiff as possible but I realize that's a personal choice.
    However, some starch will help stabilize the strip sets so that when you're ready to cut those squares, they'll be less likely to stretch.

    Other than that, go for it.
    Enjoy the process and post pictures when you're done.
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    This would be a great first pattern to make. It is very, very easy and have little to no points to match. http://www.spotlight.com.au/inspirat...-garden-quilt/
    You can make it larger by adding more rows. You would just need to measure your project for the finished size of the extra borders if you wanted to make it larger than the two sizes given.
    I made it recently and it is my new favorite go to quilt pattern

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    I think you can do it. I enjoyed the tutorial and thought I would like to make it. It's a nice quilt! I would follow everyone's advice. It's great advice and really needs to be followed in order for the quilt to end up looking nice. But, heck yes, you can do it. I would watch the video a couple of times while I'm making the quilt, just to firm up in my mind what I'm doing and that I'm doing it correctly. But, go for it!! It's a good beginner quilt, especially with a YouTube video directions. You can go to YouTube and type in "Jenny Doan" and up will pop lots of her tutorials on different quilts BTW.
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    Looking back, I can tell you that if I knew all that could go wrong, I never would have attempted my first quilt.
    I had to deal with bias edges and they were a bear.
    I dealt with it and came out with a pretty good quilt for a beginner.
    I still don't like working with bias edges.
    Starching is strongly recommended.
    Life...you muddle your way through it and then you die!

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    i think its great for a first quilt.....when i started quilting i chose a pattern with stars....and while i love it it def has mistakes but its still my favorite quilt...and its nice to look back at my mistakes and see how far i have come...so even if you don't make this one perfect it will be special to you and a reminder of your quilting journey...best of luck

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    I had my 11 yr GD make it. We did starch. Her biggest problem was once it was laid out to remember which sides to sew together. As you sew reposition to layout to make sure rows are right.
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    i was crazy enough to do tumbling blocks as my first quilt... but then i didn't know enough to know that it is a difficult pattern. it was frustrating at times, but turned out great. if you are brave, jump in! there's tons of advice and support here.
    Nancy in western NY
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    You will do just fine and it's a lovely pattern for your first quilt. Don't forget to post a photo!
    A fabric stash is always missing that one fabric needed to finish the quilt on which you're working.

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