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Thread: Boomerang 8.0 DIAMONDS Group

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    Feb 2012
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tam...Moo View Post
    I have mailed completed blocks to everyone in this group that I have received F8s from except 1000 projects which will go out next Monday. I still have not received F8s from: are inn, lv2sew2011, and pink lotus.
    Hello Tam Moo I mailed yours yesterday (the 28th), so you should have it the first of this coming week. I had to find another fabric and decide what I wanted for you all to do with it.

    All of my F8th's have now been mailed as of yesterday.

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    Super Member urgodschild2's Avatar
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    Dec 2011
    I love the boom block - block. I guess that can happen. I have had so much fun looking at all the different fabrics and the suggestions everyone is giving that I haven't experienced that yet. thank goodness.
    I am now working on selecting material and picking out the block pattern that I want for the squares that I have here to make. Yeah.
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    ok Daisy patience is one thing but starting after Halloween? how do you know you will get all your blocks done ON TIME? I hear that from others experience blocks still trickle in after the due date and that doesnt seem very fair to everyone who made an effort to get theirs done AND received by the final date. BTW I am not suggesting it was you but this concerns me that others think this is an optional date. I don't get it, everyone KNEW up front when our fabric was to be sent out.. and when it is to be home completed. So why is it ok to break the rules? they are not basic guidelines.. they were set out when everyone signed up. not a suprise thrown at you .. grrr... ok I vented. Chasing fabric seems a bit unfair on those who play by the rules.

    On to happier thoughts, who has their halloween decorations out yet? I have a baby.. she is 21 and long moved from home and I am the bigger kid by far. I have a halloween tree with pumpkins and skeletons on it, a bunch of those mini pumpkins, glass pumpkins (gosh I love those) and well cats and halloween quilts and of course since I was putting all that up, up went the turkeys too one stop decorating lol.. it makes me happy. A lead in to my favorite time of the year.. when I get to hang all my decorations. Do you know now I forget here, one of our group members has 17 or 18 Christmas trees she puts up in all her rooms? OMG.. I want to hire her. I look at my measly four boxs and think.. ugh.. I think she has to have a storage unit just for those trees!
    Here today... why what a lucky bunch we are.

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    Senior Member Roseysue's Avatar
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    Here is the update of my F8'8s and blocks. I'm almost finished with the with the Diamonds.I am waiting for the F8's and can't send send blocks for
    for :

    I am missing receiving many, many grownup upfrom you two. blocks all of you

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    Jun 2012
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    hello everyone,
    I have been MIA for a few weeks dealing with life. because I have missed so many posts I am doing an update for you. I have mailed all my fabric out so if you still have nothing from me please PM me so I can get something to you. I have recieved fabric from all except areinn and lv2sew2011. I have recieved so many woderful blocks so far. abby's mom, charlottemarie, elisabrat, girlscouts1, jaba, joanelizbay, ljdugas31, marcialee, marytoddliz, moonrise, nanakathy55, roseysue, tam...moo, twinriverfarm, urgodschild2 ---your blocks made it home safe. thanks you so much for the wonderful blocks.

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    Elisabrat I for one dont think you were venting. I agree 100%. I have been in 4 swaps now and ALWAYS end up without someones F8 or without a finished block from at least one, sometimes more members. Its not fair to all the ones who try so hard to get their F8's out ON TIME and at least tell everyone the progress they are making. Im thinking this swap has been really one of the better ones for receiving F8's..I only hope its the same for finished blocks! Everyone understands life problems that happen but communication is the utmost importance I think... Im off my soap box. But I do agree with you. Im sure April watches it close and tries to keep everyone on track!
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    I have to say I agree also. When people send out fabric they certainly have a project in mind and want to get it done. I don't understand the part of signing up, you have blocks coming back to you and you see the results, and you haven't even started making them yet. I am sorry, I just don't understand. I like to see at least a few coming back, and I would feel VERY guilty receiving and not even opening an envelope and starting. Okay I'm done, had to kind of vent too! It's been 2 1/2 weeks since I got anything and a little antsy I guess. Sorry ladies been in way to many where you don't get them back and no F8 back either. I would just rather them send it back to me and say I don't want to make your block

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    i understand your frustration and agree with much of it, but sometimes there are legitimate reasons why things aren't done on time. i have always sent out the grown up blocks by the expiration date and have never missed anyone. sadly i have never rec'd back all my grown-ups/f8s, usually up to 7 have not bothered to do my blocks, so i just blew it off. i'm not going to show up at their homes demanding my fabric or their life. but you can rest assured you will get your grown up block from me, no matter what. some of us do depend on the final date as a real end time so we can prioritize and fit the blocks into our lives. i'm not criticizing or complaining, just trying to make my position clear. i still owe pinklotus an f8 and that is my fault. all other f8's went out on time.
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    I am thinking that maybe we should have two different kinds of boom blocks; the one on a really quick turn around, and the one where you can take your time. I hate the idea of waiting 4 months to see what I am going to make. But I totally understand the members who know they have 4 months and they take their time.

    This is my third Boom and I have received all except one back in a previous boom, but I am very active in sending PM's to let someone know I haven't received their block, well until I feel like I am beating a dead horse.

    I am in a different exchange with someone who owes me a block from Boom7. It really is hard to not go off on them, since I know for a fact that a lot of boomers have not received their block back from her.

    It must be really hard on the organizers of the swaps to have to be the bad guy. Being the bad guy is no fun.

    And although I have received a lot of blocks back with this boom I have hardly received any back on the fabric I was making for my Teacher friend who is going through Chemo. I have only received 3 of the Apples and Bees back. But seriously it is my own fault, I knew the deadline was Jan 1st, I just hope I get them all back by then.

    I am not working on the blocks I received after the deadline for mailing out F8's just because I knew I would be on a crazy schedule right now. I have tried to start but I want to make sure I do a good job and I haven't got the time or the energy to have that happen. They will be done before I go to washington thou.
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    Quote Originally Posted by marytoddliz View Post
    I have hardly received any back on the fabric I was making for my Teacher friend who is going through Chemo. I have only received 3 of the Apples and Bees back. But seriously it is my own fault, I knew the deadline was Jan 1st, I just hope I get them all back by then.
    I can make you another bee block or maybe see if I have apples that would go with your theme. Just PM me.

    If anyone wants their block in a hurry, I prioritize. If I received a grown up block from you, your grown up block from me becomes a priority and I hope to get it out asap. If you send me a grown up block and have not received one back yet please let me know and pm.

    This swap has been a lot of fun and I really enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful blocks I received. I hope everyone is having fun and enjoying their new growing collection of blocks. I know I carefully read any enclosed notes and pick out a pattern and fabrics accordingly. I realize not every block might be what you wanted but it is not for lack of trying on my behalf and I think most other people do the same. I can see the care and attention people put into making the beautiful blocks I received. I also enjoy the many kind notes that are enclosed with the finnished blocks. Sometimes I am not articulate enough and I am not good in enclosing a little note but rest assured, I pack a quilty hug in with every block send out.
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