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Thread: Boomerang 8.0 DIAMONDS Group

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    Super Member joanelizbay's Avatar
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    Boonville, Missouri
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    Jaba, love the banana fabric! Can you tell me what its going to be used for, child or adult? And CharlotteMarie I LOVE love love the frogs!! PLEASE post a picture when you get all the blocks and what you do with it! I got bees, bananas and frogs as well as other beautiful fabric! I wont put my quilt down Im working on to make blocks...I wont I wont I wont......sigh....
    People may not remember what you looked like or what you said but they will always remember how you made them feel!

    This is the link to my albums for all Boom swaps.

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    Updated List:deleted boobooed...LOL
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    OMG! I was the same way when I started. Almost hyperventilated Then as time goes on, you are so excited about making a block with all the different fabrics. I try to make their fabric the focus in the block but yet still have some left over to make another block with a smaller amount of the fabric in case I screw it up! LOL

    Quote Originally Posted by Nexxus831 View Post
    I just have to say that I am scared to cut your fabrics and to screw up and not make your blocks the right size. Sorry my anxiety is getting the better of me today

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    Updated List:

    I will just post all F8 from all groups this way since some didn’t put what group they are on just easier for me….
    Received F8 from 08/22/2012
    Ssnare-guitar fabric
    Abby’s Mom – green with flowers
    Jahaper – Light green with flowers
    Goldendogg55 – blue with orange flowers
    Misswigglewings – blue with ladybugs & Black, green and white
    The Mama Hauser – pinkish Baltics
    Roseysue – pink with flowers – purple with flowers
    Ljdugas31 – blue and light blue flowers swirls
    Elisabrat – blue with bumble bees
    Yosamitesa – white Dr. Seuss
    Moonrise – white with assorted flowers
    Marytoddliz – green, white, pink – blue with apples…

    08/23/2012 received some more F8
    Savannahrandons – brown fabric
    Fraew – Black with reddish flowers
    Nexxus931 – black fabric
    QuilterMomma – orange white butterflies
    Goldendog55 – White frontier cowboy?
    TwinRiversFarm – Purple fabric
    Ljdugas31 – black with reddish flowers
    Charlotte T- frog fabric – Your fabric almost didn’t make it, I think someone opened it or it just came unglued might want to tape shut next time, was close call…LOL
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    Super Member Annaquilts's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    received today-
    Abby's Mom
    Jaba-blue berries for me

    These came in previously-
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    Anna Quilts

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    Super Member QuilterMomma's Avatar
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    Here I am ladies, I am all teary eyed at the wonderful birthday wishes. Makes me feel special. I know go get your memopause herb so I quit, but was so touched. My own friends from my quilt group didn't remember so was feeling a little sorry for self. thank you so much. The people on facebook have said HB so makes up a bit for it.

    I have been mia because I finally finished a top that I started 11 years ago today. I figured since the boss did not remember my Bday, then he would not mind I took a little extra lunch and started late this am, he's not here so executive decision on my part, and I feel so relieved. I have been trying to do this bugger all year long. It only had 574 2.5" squares to sew along with 3.5" squares to 6.5" squares and is a queen. yep, a whole lot of little squares. Be different if sampler but a whole pattern of faux drunkard path and I can say I know why it took me so long to want to do but fell in love with it once I got the blocks to the 6.5" stage and was able to sew the top. You want to see you have to go to the UFO challenge thread. Posting there.

    Don't know if any new f8 but I did cut up the next three blocks, will get them sewn tonight or in am. Have a good night ladies, I will be in garage quilting away on that round robin that needs done for show.
    Life is short, live it while you still can. QuilterMomma

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    Senior Member Nexxus831's Avatar
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    Wow my mailbox was super full. I love it. I received my F8's from the following:

    Abbeys Mom
    Jaba...x 2
    Let us help a local QB member Elisabrat even a dollar can add up


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    Super Member Fraew's Avatar
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    Yummy rasberry fabric received from Jaba! Um, um good!

    "I don't buy vintage quilts. By the time I finish the quilts I've started they've already become antiques." ~ Mark Lipinski
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    Super Member moonrise's Avatar
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    Northwest Georgia
    Received F8s today from:


    And the first grown-up block to arrive home is from MaryToddLiz! I love it! It's splendiferous! Thanks so much!

    Name:  boomerang8-received-marytoddliz.JPG
Views: 67
Size:  323.1 KB
    Have a wonderful day! If you need to contact me, please use the e-mail address on my profile page. Sometimes I don't get notifications that I have a PM here. Please note that I'm usually unavailable on weekends, but I'll get back to you on Monday.

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    Super Member Elisabrat's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Cody, Wyoming
    FYI if your block is off this quilt police snub your noser wont care so take me off that list.. I will just off set stuff it wont matter to me.. in fact easier then I dont have to make sashing on target either.. hey an idea! especially since its well BUGS.
    Beautiful block Marybeth.
    Quiltermomma la la la la la.. hurummm.. ok hippo birdy to you, hippo birdy to you.. hippo birdy.. ok peanut gallery join in.. HIPPO BIRDY Ms Quilter America, hippo.. ok ok I will stop singing. If anyone here had ever heard me sing they would appreciate my stopping. Hey did you get anything in the mail today said the oh just wondering of wonderers..

    I did.. drum roll please: I have in total from this group and I swear will not do the drill count again but only newbies unless I forget in which case you get the whole darned list:
    charlottemarie, x two as we are both rubies and diamonds,
    fraew: black,red etc.. got it thank you so much
    abbysmom got that I think yesterday but then again could be today ARGH
    jaba: the fruit one and the non fruit one (hey they are in the other room safely where I WONT lose them)
    ldugas black multi colors
    marytoddliz received butchered and returned
    miss gigglewings - black bright colors
    moonrise received returned! birds
    themamahouser pink batik received
    twinriverfarm speedy gonzales purple black received
    yosemitesa cat in the hat received returned

    so 10 in for this group, 3 out... yipes (and so many more something says avalanch do you know avalanch? thankfully no mail here on Saturday I can sorta feel like I am catching up with me, my own race at this point..

    again if you begin to think I should have gotten yours ask me, I am writing on the sheet as they come in what fabric was received. Hubby printed form out at 68 percent even 300 readers cant read it so if I butchered your name.. shoot him not me. And second I am marking them before they hit the box and marking a number after its marked off and in that box so i can try hard at keeping track. Now getting them all on here.. well ask me.. that I can see messing up on easily. And I will keep trying my best. Too bad you cant charge memories heck I would apply for a card today. Went to the market oh so tired this afternoon, 9 items on list.. checked it every single isle, in line got in car drove home.. crud how did I miss shampoo .. I stood at that isle list in hand (that huge list) read it said nope nothing here , my list mind you is isle written so I dont mess up. HAH. I was not feeling as proud as I did when I left the market that is damned sure.. oops sorry. lucky for me I was tired would have kicked something otherwise then my luck broke something andnot the couch either..

    see ya later, dumb to go cut. FYI I can kill a small piece of fabric three times faster than if I have yards.. like knowing its there .. less stress one cut maybe two.. tiny piece guaranteed I will end up with nada when done and a reworked game plan probably more than once. ARgh pirates!
    Here today... why what a lucky bunch we are.

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