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Thread: Boomerang Friendship Swap 8.0 Now closed for Signups

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    Boomerang Friendship Swap 8.0 Now closed for Signups

    Boomerang Friendship Swap 8.0-Open for sign-ups. Signups will run until I have an even number of people for the groups requested or four weeks.
    Mailing deadline will be determined when signups close (four month turnaround)

    Hello and welcome to the Boomerang Friendship Swap. This swap is about a great opportunity to get a large number of blocks from all over the world made by our online quilting friends. This is open to swappers no matter where they live, so come on and join us international folks

    How it works:
    1) You will select a fabric or selection of fabrics from your stash (or you can buy new-up to you) and cut them in to Fat Eighths (18 x 11) or (9x22) We prefer the 18 x 11 for this swap as it gives a bigger cutting area for certain blocks but either measurement will work.
    2) You will send each member in the swap one F8 to work with. The person who receives the fabric will make you a block with your fabric in it.
    3) You may advise the person of colors you would prefer they use or not use but please do not request specific blocks. This is meant to be a “friendship” swap where your friends pick, design and create a beautiful 12.5” unfinished block for you based on the fabric you send them.
    4) In turn you will receive an F8 from each member in the swap and have to make them a block.

    (please make sure to also refer to the basic policies that apply to all swaps announced through the board: RULES FOR SWAPS AND SIMILAR ACTIVITIES - Updated 8 December 2010 )
    1) Please make sure all fabric is prewashed prior to making the block and sending it home. You do not have to wash the fabric you receive.
    2) When sending your fabric please make sure it is in some kind of sealed item (Ziploc baggy, saran wrap) with a piece of paper or even a peel-off label with your name, address and quilt board name so that the items are protected and won’t get mixed up. Please do this when returning blocks as well. (This way if for some unhuman reason the PO mangles a package the plastic has a chance at saving the work and with an address visible it just might make it home)
    3) Please mail your F8 within three weeks of receiving the address list. This helps ensure we all have ample time to work on everyone's blocks.
    4) Please handle all fabric received with the utmost care and place it somewhere where it won’t be lost or forgotten about.
    5) In order to help keep track of the blocks sent and received I will be emailing out a chart to all members who participate so that you may fill it in as we go.
    6) All blocks should be 12.5” unfinished. They can be regular pieced, paper-pieced, appliquéd-whatever the quilter decides to do. It is up to each individual. Again the feeling is to get a true friendship quilt out of this. Please do not request specific blocks as the idea is to let everyone, of every level join in and try new things and grow.
    7). Please remember to trim your threads, cut your dog ears...in essence remove any excess work from the back of your block that the receiver should not have to worry about. We do not want to have any extra bulk in these blocks that are not needed (harder to quilt them :-) )
    8) You may sign the back of the block if you wish to or perhaps pin a small muslin square with your name, where you live and what the name of the block is.
    9) Please measure your block before mailing it. We all started somewhere but it is nice to be able to get all the blocks back measuring the same size so the quilt can go together nicely. So measure, measure and when you think it is right, measure once more
    10) Please make a block that you yourself would be happy and proud to call your own.
    11) This is a one block per swapper swap. You will have to make 35 blocks per large group (36 swappers in each group) or 15 blocks per small group (16 swappers in each group) (If you wish to do two groups please be aware this means you will have to mail 70 F8s and make 70 blocks or any combination of the possible group size). Please be aware of this before you commit yourself if you do not think you would be comfortable making 35 blocks in 4 months. (70 for 2 groups)
    12) Please be courteous to our swappers and post when you receive either someone's fabric or a completed block. This helps us to know the postal gremlins are not at work lol If for some reason you cannot get on the board to post please let me know and I will let the members know. We appreciate interaction with all of our swappers. You can do a weekly update as well if that works better for you.
    13) Have FUN!!! This swap will let you explore your creativity as you do not have to make the same block for everyone. You can try that block you always wanted to. Try new fabrics, new colors...step outside of your comfort zone in to a different box


    Also please remember when posting on the board to use members board names or just first names and not their full names. This is a courtesy to our members as the information here can be seen publicly and we do not want anyone to have that private info.

    Please, NO public complaints or criticisms of other swappers, items received, or other type for any reason. ALL complaints must be addressed by Private Message (pm) to me. THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE!!!!!

    Just one more friendly reminder-please make sure your packages have proper postage on them-if you are unsure either take them to the PO or throw another stamp on. We do not want anyone to have to incur any extra expense during this fun time. Also be aware postage could run high on this swap so if you think that may be an issue you may not like this swap.

    I think you will find yourself enjoying the blocks because you can work at your pace as they come in as long as they are all out by the established deadline once the swap is closed.

    As always please feel free to PM me with any questions or concerns-I am always happy to help.
    If you check these threads you will see some of the awesome work that has been done in the past:

    Boomerang 6.0 Autumn Group
    Boomerang 6.0 Summer Group
    Boomerang 6.0 Winter Group
    Boomerang 6.0 Spring Group
    Boomerang 7.0-FIRE Group
    Boomerang 7.0-WATER Group
    Boomerang 7.0-WIND Group
    Boomerang 7.0-EARTH Group

    To sign-up please PM me your full name, address,email address, and weekend phone number and which size group you wish to be in, as well as the number of groups.

    Please be aware if you are in or have been in other Boomerang swaps and did not or have not yet finished I cannot allow you to participate in this swap until you have finished your commitment to the other swap(s). This means if you have not mailed your blocks home by the time signups close I will have to remove you from the swap for round 8 (please don't make me do this..I hate excluding people but I have to make sure it is a good experience for all of those involved.)


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    Super Member Yosamitesa's Avatar
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    Kingwood, Texas
    I sent you my info!!! I can't WAIT!!!

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    Jan 2010
    Blaine, WA
    Hi April, I would like to be in one or two groups.

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    Super Member QuilterMomma's Avatar
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    Jan 2011
    Eastern Washington
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    Ugh!! Think I will sit #8 out. I am at a point in my UFOs, that to finish 10 per month, I have to really get to sewing. Most of them are just in pieces and waiting to be pieced, assembled, quilted, and bound. Also, have a few more customer quilts in so have to get them done also. Will miss the fun, but have to just say no.
    Life is short, live it while you still can. QuilterMomma

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    Me - Me I want to play again
    Sent pm.

    Life is full of many pieces- why not quilt?

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    Jan 2011
    Knot Merrill, Southern Indiana
    Finally!! I see a boomerang group that hopefully I'll be able to join!

    Oh please please let me get my PM in fast enough
    May your stitches always be straight, your seams always lie flat, and your grain never be biased against you.


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    Senior Member oldcatlady's Avatar
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    Apr 2011
    NE Ohio
    I'm in for 1 large group

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    count me in 1 small group. Thank you.


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    Senior Member TheMamaHauser's Avatar
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    I just signed up. How many is in a "large" group and a "small" group? This is my first boomerang swap.
    Mischief Managed.

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    Super Member wanda lou's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    In the country in Ohio
    count me in info sent.
    Never look down on anyone, unless you are helping them up.

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