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Thread: June-Dec Round Robin (Closed)

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    This round robin is meant to be a fun, social and learning experience. There is no skill level requirement, only to do the best work that you can. You should not feel that every round has to be a very complex design…sometimes the quilt will just need something very simple added at that particular point. If you have concerns about what to add at any point, feel free to ask for help from your Group Point person, others in your group, the host of the RR, other sewing friends, or even the owner of the center. Remember…this is FUN!

    1. Fabric should be prewashed and of a quality that you would be happy to receive yourself.

    2. Use any techniques in which you feel comfortable, machine/hand piecing, machine/hand appliqué, machine/hand embroidery, paper piecing, broderie perse, etc. This in not particularly the time to experiment with new techniques unless you are confident that you can pull it off. You might want to experiment before attaching the border to the quilt in case you have to rework something.

    3. Your round may be made up of one or more borders. Example. If your round is to be 5”, you could have 2-1” borders and 1-3” border.

    4. We will be posting pictures with each round, unless you specify that you do not want to see your quilt until it is finished. For most of us…we just can’t wait.

    5. Please stay on target for the mailing dates. You will have approximately 2 months between mailings. If something happens that will cause you to be late mailing, please email the person who you will be mailing to and the Point person of your group.

    6. You will need to insure your packages when mailing. More specific shipping information will come out with the group assignments

    The Quilt:

    The center block is the design of your choice. It may be any size between 12 inches and 24 inches finished. (Be sure to add ½” for seam allowance!) The center may be square or rectangular. The size of your center will determine the finished size of your quilt. (The center block, all borders, cornerstones, or whatever should be carefully squared each step of the project.)

    Option - in lieu of any one of the first 2 rounds, the block may be turned on point, if appropriate. Triangles (solid or pieced) are then added to each side of the "diamond" to make it into a square again. Appliqué or embellish the corners.

    Borders will start at 3” for the first round, 5” for the second round and 1” will be added for each successive round.

    Round 1- 3”
    Round 2-5”
    Round 3-6”
    Round 4-7”
    Round 5-8”

    These are finished dimensions….you need to add ½ “ for seam allowance!!


    If your center is 12” x 12”…your finished quilt will end up being 70” x 70”.
    If your center is 24” x 24”…your finished quilt will end up being 82” x 82”.

    If you make your center 12” x 24”…your finished quilt will end up being 70” x 82”.

    If you need help in determining what size to do your center, please ask. I’ll find a math expert to help you!

    Add a Label

    We suggest that you add some type of label to circulate with your top so that all the members of your group can sign it. Please use a Black Pigma pen or some type of black permanent fabric marker. You might want to leave enough room for everyone to list their name along with their board name, their city, state, country, and the date.

    Graciously accept your finished quilt

    Sometimes the final quilt owner will want to add more embellishments or add an additional border, but everyone who worked on your quilt used their best abilities. After the IRR has closed, of course it is your quilt to do whatever you choose. We will all look forward to seeing the quilted final product! Please do not post pictures that show alterations or changes in someone else’s work though. Please be conscious of other’s feelings. If this isn’t acceptable to you, please don’t play.

    Tips and Lessons Learned::

    1. Print off the rules, mailing dates, round size requirements and your group mailing list.
    You will be referring back to it.

    2 Don’t panic…hang the top for a few days and let it speak to you. They tend to “tell you what they need next”.

    3. If you are trying something new….do it on the separate border, do NOT sew it to the quilt until you are sure it worked.

    4. Make sure you understand how to fill out the customs forms BEFORE you send an International package

    5. Please DO NOT let tops pile up on you. If you need help, ask…there are others who can and will step in to help you through a time crunch bind. We can work it out.

    6. Please handle the quilts carefully. We all drag them around to show them off to friends, guild members, LQS, etc. but when doing so, we can stretch the borders so the finished quilt doesn’t lie flat. Please make sure it does lie flat prior to mailing it on to the next person.

    7. Feel free to add information to accompany your quilt such as colors you would prefer or something you definitely DO NOT want., that it may be a gift, etc. Please don’t add fabric to your package as it does cost more to mail it along. You can add a little swatch card with what fabrics you used, the manufacturer’s name, etc. as someone may want to match something. If you do have extra fabric, you might want to let others know, they may ask for some to be mailed to them directly to work on a specific round if they can‘t purchase it.

    Mailing Dates
    Round Size Mailing Date
    You have 6 weeks to get each round done.

    Centers Owners discretion June 10, 2010


    Round 1 3” , Finished July 22, 2010


    Round 2 5”, Finished Sept 2, 2010


    Round 3 6” Finished Oct 14, 2010


    Round 4 7” Finished Nov 19, 2010 (Little early because of holiday)


    Round 5 8” Finished Dec 30, 2010

    * Please make sure you add ½” seam allowances to your borders. I can’t tell you the what size the top should be at each point due to the differences in the original center sizes.

    * I added a little extra time for round 2 for the holidays.

    * If you cannot mail out on time, please notify your group Point person.

    Don’t forget to include a label to circulate with your top. A Pigma pen or some other type of Permanent marker is best to use to sign the label. You might want to leave room for group members to add their name, location, round # and date.

    Please insure your package. While there is not much consolation if one of our quilts should get lost in the mail, I think that they pay a little more attention when the packages are insured. (Probably not correct, but it does make me feel better). Should anything happen we will have to prove the actual value that we listed as the insured costs…so we should insure them as to the approx. cost of the fabric and then assume the labor at a minimum of $10.00 per hour. I would insure them for $50.00 for the center, round 2- $100.00, round 3-$200.00, rounds 4 & 5- $300.00. If anyone has other ideas…I’m open to them…I’m not an expert at this.


    We have two groups for this Round Robin. Can't wait to see all your creative work.

    Group #1

    Group #2
    Kathy N

    dettonlisas with round 3
    Name:  Attachment-95447.jpe
Views: 70
Size:  51.4 KB

    littlehud with round 4
    Name:  Attachment-105506.jpe
Views: 65
Size:  54.7 KB

    Tam..Moo with 3rd round
    Name:  Attachment-115051.jpe
Views: 71
Size:  104.6 KB

    MegsAnn with 4th round
    Name:  Attachment-129390.jpe
Views: 67
Size:  76.8 KB

    Gramakitten Finished
    Name:  Attachment-145914.jpe
Views: 58
Size:  49.0 KB

    Bailey with 4th round
    Name:  Attachment-149492.jpe
Views: 48
Size:  42.7 KB

    MarieM Finished
    Name:  Attachment-149493.jpe
Views: 56
Size:  62.4 KB

    Karielt finished
    Name:  Attachment-152608.jpe
Views: 59
Size:  75.4 KB

    Kathy N finished
    Name:  Attachment-153341.jpe
Views: 63
Size:  116.6 KB

    Kysmommy2 finished
    Name:  Attachment-155400.jpe
Views: 51
Size:  54.6 KB

    Erstan947 finished
    Name:  Attachment-155401.jpe
Views: 59
Size:  57.8 KB

    Imjustme finished
    Name:  Attachment-162968.jpe
Views: 64
Size:  61.2 KB

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    This sounds so awesome, but I am going to pass on this one and watch to see all the beautiful work that I know is going to done. Maybe next year. Have fune...quilt happy.

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    Just my opinion I have been in numerous round robins and as the tops get bigger and more complex the time needed to add the next round increases. I do not think a month in between each round is going to give people enough time-just my honest opinion.

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    Jun 2009
    I sent you a PM- thanks

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    Super Member karielt's Avatar
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    Sep 2009
    There is a 6 week gap between sending dates.

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    Count me in. I can't wait to start.

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    Bummer - I really wanted to jump into the next Robin but the timing is off for me. Too many things going on between now and August for me. (pouty face and heavy sigh).

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    Dang madQuilter, All me need is one more to make a group...

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    a regular here MegsAnn's Avatar
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    Apr 2010
    Memememe!!! I really really want to participate!

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    Mar 2010
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    Count me in I'll send a PM also. I'm just finishing a round robin with our quilt guild in May so the timing is perfect for me. Can't wait!

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