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Thread: 'Neutral temptations' Nov 2012 - 10.5 layer cake swap

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    Super Member luvTooQuilt's Avatar
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    A Hop from Heaven, a Skip from Sanity and a Jump from the Good Life....
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    'Neutral temptations' Nov 2012 - 10.5 layer cake swap

    LuvTooQuilt is hosting another swap!! …….10 1/2" layer cake Swap..

    'Neutral Temptations' with a Secret Santa Twist

    Swap open for registration until 22nd of November or until 130 sets filled, whichever comes first.....

    Each swapper will submit 12 squares of any 1 (one) UN-washed 100% cotton NEUTRAL colored quality quilting fabric (no flannel, no homespun, no eyelets, and no broadcloth ) -Anything lighter than a brown paper bag, think dirty civil War whites.~~<<~@

    Squares should be carefully rotary cut from UN-washed 100% cotton fabric. Keep in mind that your squares could end up in a child's quilt. Select fabrics that will hold up to a lot of love, wear, tears, draggin', cuddlin', washing, and trips through the dryer. Fabrics that fray easily, or are fairly easy to see through are not good candidates for this swap.

    Please be advised that fabrics that are NOT 51% or more NEUTRAL, or fabrics that are not square, squares too wonky or too off grain, squares that are shedding, squares that contain selvages, or those that are not 10.5 or larger, will be returned unswapped. Anything less than MY 10.5 measurement will be returned. If you are unsure of your accuracy, over-sized squares will be accepted as they can be cut down to size if needed be. Will accept any squares larger than 10.5 inches... please nothing over 11 inches as they become hard to put in baggies..(If you desire assistance in cutting please contact me. )

    Here’s how it works: - In your packet to me you will enclose:

    ~ 1 gallon size Hefty (or the like) non pleaded SLIDER bag with 12 ct – 10 1/2 (up to 11) inch squares of ONE fabric for each set

    • ~ Fabric must be UN -washed, ironed and in gallon bags for safe passage thru USPS.
    • ~ Selvages MUST be removed entirely from both selvage ends- Including selvage holes.
    • ~ Please remember that each set MUST be cut from a different unwashed fabric
    • ~ 5-6 sets fit in ONE priority flat rate envelope
    • ~ It is aprox 1 yard per 12ct – 10.5 (up to 11I) inch squares - IF your fabric is 44 wide.
    • ~ There is a SIX set limit in this swap plus 6 TWIST(s)

    ~ INCLUDE your screen name ON your baggies along with SET amounts. *Example- I would like to do 4 (four) sets - ((4 sets mean that you would send 12 ct – 10.5 (up to 11 inch squares from FOUR different fabrics for a total of 48 squares, each set in separate gallon size bag(s)) so, written legibly with a sharpie marker or pen, on EACH of my bags will have:

    luvTooQuilt X4 (plus 1 twists)

    ~ You may also include but not mandatory, your real name, mailing address, should your envelope be swallowed by the USPS machines for identification purposes- an adhesive return label perhaps.?. )
    ~ Please staple a piece of your fabric on the outside of the baggie...A selvage piece with manufacture name of your fabric is required stapled on the outside of the individual baggie for identification purposes.

    Also in your package INCLUDE a Sample pieces of each of your fabric – ( 2x3 tiny strips pieces from your leftover fabric is the prefect size..) Some of you stapled the pieces to a small piece of cardboard/cardstock/paper with an addt’l addy label & board name- (see pic) It is my goal NOT to give you back your fabric square…And this aids me keeping track who sent in what since there are over 100 sets

    Also in your package INCLUDE in a sandwich baggie: a self-adhesive return address label, and return priority postage AND mandatory delivery confirmation. ($6.05 in Postage stamps, Concealed cash, or Postal Money orders ONLY)... Please remember that if you do not send enough return postage I will hold them until you send the difference. After 30 days, I will donate the unclaimed squares to charity of my choice.

    ~ DO NOT HIDE POSTAGE IN THE TWIST BAGGIE... I do not look in the baggies, however you may conceal it in any of your MAIN swap baggies..

    ~DO NOT mail return SAS envelopes!!!!! Postage ONLY please!!! I will not accept stamped envelopes.

    ***Due to quick turn-around and distance of my bank I WILL NOT ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS***

    Postage stamps, USPS money orders (or concealed cash at your own risk) will be accepted as forms for postage/shipping costs..

    I would like to have these in hand no later than the LAST BUSINESS DAY in November (11/30).
    So with a post mark no later than 11/23 that should give the USPS ample time to deliver via parcel post with a few days grace period. After 11/24 PRIORITY is recommended. After 11/27, Mandatory OVERNITE shipping is required.... International members need to send them to me sooner- PM for details

    Please remember that any packages received after 11/30 will be automatically returned unswapped. Any member not fulfilling commitment will not be accepted in future swaps and negative feedback will be posted to members account per Moderators requirements.

    I will then sort 12/1-12/10 and hope to mail out squares No later than 12/12

    Reminders and swap rules can be found here - http://www.quiltingboard.com/t-20154-1.htm

    AND THE TWIST…………..Secret Santa !!!! MAX ONE

    Any gift or gifts equivilant of $10. Item or items can be handmade or purchased. Item or items must be wrapped, Id like to be surprised as well. Item or items MUST fit in FRE envelope WITH 6 sets, (thin and flexible perhaps? )

    *** This TWIST is optional - Not mandatory to participate in the twist to join this swap ***

    @@@ Please EMAIL me ALL the info below to : luvTooQuiltonqb@yahoo.com @@

    Board name,
    How many sets you're doing
    Your real name
    Your mailing address

    ~ Email in subject line your board name, set amounts, & Twist #- See below for examples of subject lines with and without the Twist...

    luvTooQuiltx6 plus 1 twist


    @@ After all info has been sent to and rec’d – luvTooQuiltonqb@yahoo.com - I will forward email that you have been approved. I will then add you to the list of swappers...Confirmation will be posted on the thread as they come in at end of each day..@@@

    Any questions please pm me... I'll be happy to assist...
    …Happy quilting everyone!!!!
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    Super Member Yosamitesa's Avatar
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    Kingwood, Texas
    Me! Me!! Me!!!

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    Super Member SheriR's Avatar
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    Jul 2011
    Woohoo me too!

    ~If you can't turn the corners of your mouth up...let the middle sag!~

    "Be not afraid, only believe."

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    Super Member Fraew's Avatar
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    Aug 2011
    Clayton, CA
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    I guess I'm a regular now. Count me in!

    "I don't buy vintage quilts. By the time I finish the quilts I've started they've already become antiques." ~ Mark Lipinski
    Link to my albums: http://www.quiltingboard.com/members...85-albums.html

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    Super Member sapdoggie's Avatar
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    Apr 2009
    NW Arkansas
    Me too please and thank you.

    Hope you are better and ready to Rock and Roll this swap so you can have a VACATION from swapping !!!!!!

    Life is full of many pieces- why not quilt?

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    Super Member moonrise's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Northwest Georgia
    In for 5 sets, and I'll let you know early next week on the twists. (I sent an e-mail). Thanks!

    I'm actually planning a civil war sampler quilt and needed lots of neutrals, so this will work out perfectly.
    Have a wonderful day! If you need to contact me, please use the e-mail address on my profile page. Sometimes I don't get notifications that I have a PM here. Please note that I'm usually unavailable on weekends, but I'll get back to you on Monday.

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    Senior Member Linda58's Avatar
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    South Texas
    Count me in too!!!
    Sent you an email also!

    "A human being has a natural desire to have more of a good thing than he needs." --Mark Twain

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    Super Member jaba's Avatar
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    I'm in, have to go check out my shelves and see what I can find. Will let you know how many sets.

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    Senior Member DoriDeS's Avatar
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    Blackfoot, Idaho
    Oh you so know that I'm doing this swap ) glad your feeling better )
    There's only one true happiness in life ... to love and be loved )

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    Super Member luvTooQuilt's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    A Hop from Heaven, a Skip from Sanity and a Jump from the Good Life....
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    Ok i have a couple of requests.. and by no means is this a requirement..

    I just got back from my dinky poor Post office.. And I mean P-O-O-R post office.. I order supplies for me and get extras just so she can have stock and it doesnt come out of her budget.. Yes its a one woman po.. Well every year I give her a 'holiday' present, not too extravagant but something to say THANKS for all you do to help us all in these swaps.. Well.... her 10 year old calculator is on its last leg, and its limping something fierce.. The office is not computerized and well lets just say there is nothing 'current' in her office.. So she either writes it all on paper, ( dont even ask where she accumulated them !!!) figures out the totals or she uses her calculator when it feel like working.. i was thinking if we had enough swappers do 'keep the change' or donate a quarter or two or even a dollar. Ill get her a new calculator - (not top of the line or anything) -one so she wont have to count on her fingers anymore.. Again this NOT MANDATORY.. just a nice gesture from her LUV swaps... The po has been very lucky staying off the 'Closure' list and we the community try to help keep her cost down, cause the next closest po is 20 miles one way.. Needless to say- LUV swaps will cease if that be the case..

    Just think about it.. No need to comment.. If you chose to help please do so, and if you don't, no offense taken..

    Second request- Please mail RETURN LABELS with your packages and make sure you at least send the MIN amount of postage.. if everyone skimps a dime it all adds up.. The tape fund is pretty low...

    Third request- TAPE TAPE TAPE your packages.. USPS seems to eat them.. Lets keep your goodies inside until they get to my house please..

    Thanks all !!
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