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Thread: Fat Quarter Storage-how do you do it?

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    I purchased a bunch of the shoe sized plastic boxes at my local Costco and store my FQ's in them by color.....they stack easily on any shelf. I usually do Not put the lid on so that they can breath.

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    I have mine in plastic drawers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltE View Post
    I keep my FQs with my yardages, so I can see the colours all together.
    I agree, if I had the FQ in a different place, I wouldn't see the colorplay and tones between all the yellows or blues....etc. I don't buy them often, I'm a strip quilter, so I would rather have 1/4 yd of fabric all the way across, but all my sizes and shapes are stacked together in colors, with as much showing as possible...I do stagger small pcs, putting one pc down, (mine are all folded about 8" wide?) then shift the next pc down about 2 inches, rep for the depth of the shelf (5 or 6 pcs before you hit the back wall) then put the next pc back out to the front again, starting over. This allows me to pick up the longest pc on the bottom of each "fan of fabrics" and I can see the "fan" below with all its pcs...(they are 'fanned' back straight...just couldn't think of a better word)

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    I bought 2 over the door hangers that have 4 baskets on each. I think they were made for spices or pkg or can goods to hang on the inside of the pantry door. You can stack them flat but I like to stand them on end. I have 2 doors in the basement that they are hanging on. Makes use of space above the floor and out of the way. They work great and are easy to look through to find what I need for applique or whatever.

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    I use shoe boxes.

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    Fat Quarter Storage

    Quote Originally Posted by matraina View Post
    I use shoe boxes.
    I have found that DVD storage bags are great for fat quarters. They are 23" x 6 1/2" x 5 3/4" in size and in most you can see what you have. They have a zipper cover and handle. The price ranges depending where you get them. I have found mine in a local shopping catalog and the cost is $5.95 for 2, yes 2, bags. Do not buy CD storage bags, they are too small.

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    Mine are arranged by color in shallow plastic bins. They are all folded the same way, and then arranged standing one after the other and conti using into row after row. Holds tons of fat quarters and then the containers stack one on top of each other on shelving unit. I do use the lids on each container.
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    Apothecaries and drawers chest they come in a variety of sizes, with individual drawers or CD chest also has drawers, that way keep from getting dust and grime from air.

    I really love the quality of this library style cabinet. Works well l for sewing or crafts. It is solid wood, really nice. Sides of the drawers are short. I would suggest to put feet on it because it is flush on the floor.
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    Time to sell some of your stash, perhaps?

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    I recently installed a closet organizer system and now use 3 drawers like this. My longtime goal to have this after we moved into our forever home. But prior to that I used the plastic bins on the right of the picture. And before that I used canvas shoe bags (all sizes) and stored by color. All 3 worked, but I found separating my fat quarters from the larger pieces is much more useful to me now, but it's clearly a personal preference.

    I plan to use the empty plastic pins to store projects. I attach a card on the outside.. keep everything related to the project in it so I can keep things organized and switch to work on one project over another easily. Or take one with me on a trip as we sometimes do . I also use 12x12 plastic bin to store scraps by color. I started storing scraps in baskets when I worked on a Civil War project and soon it was overflowing and switched to the cases and they hold more and easier to store. Now when I get down to scraps I just throw them in the proper case.
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    I spent over a week organizing my fabric before we moved into our final home. Cutting and folding fat quarters and larger pieces onto comic board backs. It was exhausting to do, but I am so happy I took the time.

    Interesting thing I found @ a local quilt store -- they rolled their fat quarters and secured them with rubber bands. I found it a bit difficult to tell what they were stacked in so tightly as you only saw the end of the roll, but they did store them by color. I have a pile of blue FQs in the red bowl on the bottom shelf in picture above that I used til we had moved everything to the new house. Just haven't taken the time to fold them properly.

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