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Thread: Ideal quilting area?

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    Oh - I forgot to mention when planning (dreaming) when I redid my place I had overhead plugs installed as well as the ones on the side walls (some which are 36" high for the iron areas). The over head plugs keep people (and me) from tripping over machine cords strung across the floor when I have more than one machine running in the middle of the room.

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    I am so glad I asked you in time, ladies!
    The results are astonishing! One bedroom is not enough, two is not really convenient – I got it. Before I was thinking about a loft on the second floor but after I tried to count your preferences I saw that 13 of you prefer the first floor. So it is much more likely to be a family room about 20’x 20’ft in size, no less! It should be sunny and have enough outlets and even overhead plugs. Still some of you “prefer a room with a door I can close if it's a mess” but sadly family rooms usually don’t have this option. As Halo sad earlier “that would be a good reason to make a quilted curtain to close it off.” Or I can put up a few dividers to border the area, if there is no possibility to hang the quilt from the ceiling. So be it, for I am house hunting again!

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    Oh......I can only dream of a lottery win.......We live in the Uk in a small village in the south of the country, our house is semi detached and average sized for homes in this area, house prices here are high approx $500,000........and my living/dining room area which is the biggest room in the house is 24' x 12'...my sewing room is about 10' x 8' but I love it because it is my space...I just have to be super organised ! I dream of a scandinadian type lodge at the bottom of the garden with a long arm in it....and then I wake up and remember the garden is way too small......Off to buy a lottery ticket !

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    Senior Member Skyangel's Avatar
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    Salem, Oregon
    I'm finding this very interesting. Hubby and I are in the process of having a house built. My sewing will be a room that is 10' x 15', and it will have to be a guest room when needed. The good news it that I made sure it got a walk-in closet that is 7' x 7' (the closet also has an access door to additional storage under the staircase). My Bernina is in a cabinet but I need to plan what furniture pieces I will be adding. I currently use the dining room table as a cutting table so I definately need one, but also sewing space for my serger and a second machine.

    Hubby is a woodworker, so eventually he will build me new furniture for this room. (Have to build the shop yet so this is a ways down the line) We have planned a murphy bed that will have a drop-down table that can be used when the bed is closed. I thinks this would be a great way to use a sewing room as an occasional guest room. This is a pic of one I have seen online that I told him I want one like:

    Name:  Murphy bed.JPG
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    We are also thinking of getting a Murphy bed down the road. My s-in-law just got one that looks great.

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    Northern Minnesota
    My ideal space would be a large bonus room over the garage with lots of skylights... but I have a spare bedroom and I make the most of it!

    I'm a very messy quilter so a shared family space wouldn't be ideal for me. I love just leaving my projects as they are and knowing that they won't need to be put away before I get back to them. I also enjoy having a separate space to retreat to so if I want to listen to music, an audio book or just enjoy some quiet. My room is on the main floor and I like that quite well. It could be bigger, but I also think I would just keep filling up more space with more stuff so it's good to have a limit!

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    Senior Member Sophie2's Avatar
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    UP of MI
    I also have my sewing room in the basement and love it. Lots of lights and I painted it a yellow to brighten it up. I save my hand stitching (attaching binding etc) to do in the evenings while watching TV with DH. We have stereo speakers in my room so I have music. I love the fact I can turn off the light and shut the door when done without having to put everything away. Good luck on finding the "perfect" house. Keep us informed on what you find!

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    Junior Member cbjlinda's Avatar
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    North Carolina
    I think you can always use a larger sewing room no matter what the size is we tend to fill them up. I have a small bedroom and it could be a little larger or at least have more closet space. I think a lot of it is in the way you set it up. go to my blog at the end of this post and take a look at the cutting table that I found on a blog . it is soooooo cool! I am in the process of installing one half that size now. if you think creatively you will be happy no matter where you are. unless you are young I wouldn't advise an attic sewing room unless of course you want to run up and down stairs all day long. I like being on the same level as the rest of the house. that way if I am in the middle of doing laundry ect. I don't have to wear myself out running back and fourth. I work durring the week so have to be a multi tasker. you also need to know if you plan on having a long arm quilting machine. if that is a possiblilty you will definately need a large sewing room. If you use a family room "does it have a door where you can close it off from company when you don't feel like cleaning up your fabric mess? if so either one would work. I have a bedroom off my living room without a door and I am constantly having to straighten it up for company. If hubby is going to be in there too maybe the family room would be a better option. good luck with whatever you decide.

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    May 2011
    I have the 2nd largest bedroom and its around 12 x 16, with a decent sized closet. I've had to get quite creative in designing my storage space, cabinets, etc. That's ok with me, as I now have a very useable space, thanks to DH and some ingenuity. You can make a smaller space work very well, but I'd rather be in the family room, just to be closer to DH. The problem with sharing a room is that hubby will want to hear TV, and with a sewing machine running, its difficult. So I keep things 'as is' for this reason. Plus, I can close the door on the mess when I'm in the middle of a project.

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    Senior Member Cagey's Avatar
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    Feb 2011
    Southern Wisconsin
    We have a one level ranch home so my sewing room is in the basement. I miss not having alot of natural light but I love the fact that it is in an area that no one sees. The cement floor is easy to keep clean and needles/pins are easy to find.
    My DH sewing machine repair business is in the other half of the basement so we can talk to each other. We spend so much time down there that we sometimes think we should take in a boarder for the main level. (not!) The only thing I miss is the natural light.

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