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Thread: Living room as studio

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    Senior Member mary705's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Pinellas Park, FL
    I sew at my dining room table, have my cutting table in the LR, ironing board behind my computer desk. Fabric is stored in some cabinets and plastic bins in my DH computer room and a closet in LR. I also have another cutting table in what was my sons room (he moved up north and my dog took over the bed). If we have company for a meal my machine is easy to just move off of the table.

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    Super Member wraez's Avatar
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    Mar 2007
    Adelanto, CA
    Yes, do what works for YOU!

    I'm a messy quilter and have a messy sewing room, a very large room where I have a 4ftx8ft sewing table, love it BUT I hate not being downstairs with hubby in evenings when he relaxes and watches tv. So, I watch tv with him and do not sew. My sewing machine is very heavy and it sits in my sewing table, removing it, carry it down and up the stairs is no fun. Wish I had a featherweight so that I could sew at the dining table that looks into the family room ... I would get so much more quilting done AND spend time 'near' hubby.
    Warm quilt hugs, Sue in CA

    Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death....Rosalind Russell

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    Senior Member chaskaquilter's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Chaska MN
    I am fortunate that my condo has a spare bedroom that is my quilting studio. But if I had to use my living room for quilting, I sure would. And if it is messy if someone comes over, that's OK too. Quilting has gotten me through some tragic times in my life and it will fit into my life any way I want it to. I grew up in a home where everything had to be in it's proper place and had to be properly used. I can't tell how many times I heard "what will the neighbors think". Well, it's my house, my life, my way. Oh, it so wonderful to be old, tee hee.

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    Aug 2013
    Sounds like you've thought it about long enough to make a good decision about relocating your sewing area to a more suitable spot for your lifestyle. I think all of us see our sewing room as always evolving, never stationary--or at least we're always tweaking, rearranging, reorganizing for more efficiency and enjoyment.

    As nice as it is to change things up, isn't it exhausting? I always feel I deserve dinner out after a day or two of moving things around! LOL
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    Dec 2008
    central California
    About 5 years ago, after all my kids left home, my daughters room became the guest room/sewing room. A 10x11 room with a double bed in it, didn't leave much room for a sewing machine, cutting table, and all the other paraphernalia I used. But since I had always just had a corner in a room, or worse, the dining room table, I was thrilled to be in my own room. The problem was when company came I always had stuff to put away, a lot of stuff!! I have family come visit often enough that I do need a guest room and I want it to be inviting. Our house has a "formal" living room just off the front entry, and a family room with fireplace and tv, where we live. The computer is in the formal living room and that is the only thing we go in there for. Soooo we are now in the process of moving my sewing room into the living room, the computer into the back bedroom that is for the grand kids when they stay with us and the guest room will be just a guest room. I am putting French doors at the opening of my new sewing room since it is right at the front door. I am planning for it to be pretty and inviting, not strictly utilitarian, but when I'm in the creative process things can get messy!! I can hardly wait!!

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    Super Member IrishgalfromNJ's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
    United States
    Thank you for posting about moving your sewing room where you wanted it, Annie Sue. After reading this thread, I took the plunge and moved my sewing machine table and cutting table into the living room. The light is 100% better and I get to watch T.V. while I sew. I live alone so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want which is kind of fun. This is the second time I moved my sewing stuff and I think I found the perfect spot. All I have to do is get rid of that old sofa and I will have a great room to sew in.

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    Super Member RugosaB's Avatar
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    Mar 2010
    Ohio, just east of Toledo
    We bought a house 34 years ago that was built in 1918, so it had a formal 'dining room.'
    We kept it like that for a few years until the kids came along, and then it was a 'toy room.'
    Then we added on and during the process, it became the 'catch all room.'
    For 10 years, it then became the dog maternity ward, the room where the moms had their puppies.
    After my accident, when I decided I could no longer be the kind of breeder I wanted to be, my husband turned it into the most wonderful, awesome, near-perfect- for-me sewing room.
    Through all these changes, it has always been a room where things are eaten!
    You know that feeling when you've finished all your quilting projects and your studio is perfectly clean???? Me neither.

    It's not how fast you sew, it's how well you sew fast! Wait, I think that's supposed to be MOW!

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    Nov 2011
    It is nice to see so many people have husbands that are so compliant! I used to be jealous of single people who could make their own decisions, but now I have just given up and am training my husband. Slowly, we will change...

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    Super Member sewingsuz's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Make your house for you and use it for you instead for company. I use to have just chairs with out foot rest. when you turn about 45 or 50 you need a recliner.
    Asking a seamstress to mend is like asking Picasso to paint your garage.

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    Jun 2012
    Sonoma County, CA
    This has been a fun read for me - I'm in the progress of making this move myself!

    With us, I was the one that was hesitant to make such a "messy" room the first thing people see. But my DH convinced me that nobody that we would invite into our house would ever care. And he's right!

    We need to get some painting done and some cables re-wired - the room has been my DH's movie-watching room (he's taking over the never-used family room) but now it is going to be my super awesome sewing room. I can't wait!!

    Benefits in my case (besides more space in general) will be that I can have all both my quilting and embroidery machines set up and on the same floor, laundry on the same floor, and everything in one room rather than bits in 3 different shared rooms. Plus I'll have a much larger design wall, woohoo!

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