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Thread: Organizing misc. things?

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    Senior Member cny_sewer39's Avatar
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    I have a cutting table that is opened all the way. Underneath on one side is a cabinet that has all Quilting related items in it. The cabinet on the opposite side is for all things ironing related. (Ex. irons, water bottles, bias tape maker machine and tips. I also have 2 four drawer tackle boxes (in a seperate cabinet) for all of the "little things". You can see some of it in my avatar. Good Luck.

    Have a blessed day.


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    I love the Closet Maid line of storage found at Target. The small "hutch" with the fabric drawers came from there. The hutch is around $15 and the fabric drawers are 2/$5.99 if I recall. I have one of these on my home office desk. Now I just need to make luggage tags for identifying what each drawer holds. YOu can use the hutch "as is" for storing FQ's, etc...It is not very deep.

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    I love the little plastic drawers, they hold so much.
    Also love peg boards.
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    I keep those rolling carts you have all talked about and use the two top drawers of one for tools and parts for my machines, another cart is for all those cute things for holidays, like valentines day trims and such, halloween, one drawer is for leather type ties and attachments(I forget what they are). Shoeboxes (clear plastic ones ) are for zippers. Each box holdes a different length. Things that are like booklets, charts etc go on the shelving unit i have. That pressing thing for applique goes in a open top plastic filing box i have near the ironing board and in that box is also my holder for knitting needles and crochet hooks. I mostly group things near where I will be using them. My templates for the longarm are in a rolling cart under the machine. You will figure out what works for you, just give yourself some time. if you are really anal about this organizing thing. I started a data base once (didn't follow through) that lists the item and where I stored it. Thought it would help me find things in a hurry. I just numbered all those plastic drawers. I've moved twice since so there went that plan. Now I just spend 30% of my time searching for things like the rest of the world.
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    I like the hanging shoe rack. I will be using that idea. Thanks!!
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    Senior Member Prissnboot's Avatar
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    Does no one else have a junk drawer?
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    Super Member fleurdelisquilts.com's Avatar
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    Oh, I love this post. I'm a librarian who loves to organize! I can give a few tips. At least I can tell you what I do, right?

    I have several systems made of drawers, boxes, glass jars....whatever I can get cheap and can label. I use one system for misc. stuff, one for precuts, one for notions and so on. The easiest way to describe it is to say the more often I use something, the closer to my sewing table it gets to live; which means the less often something is used the farther away it is stored.

    Most important tip: label every box, drawer, bag, etc. in letters large enough for an old person to read (cause you'll be old and half blind before you're ready). Also important: put stuff where it belongs (cause if you don't you'll have to clean every week or so. Ask me how I know.)

    A "system" is any storage set (drawers, boxes, bags, etc.) that stay together. Most of my systems have the same type of storage but in different sizes; such as small drawers on top, medium drawers in the middle; large drawers on the bottom. (Stacking as much as possible to save floor space.) Some systems have the same type, size, color so that they match.

    I decide where it goes first by how often it's used, then by how much space it takes, then by whether it needs to be with (or separated from) other like items. Let's take buttons....I have lots and lots, they are used very often, they are in sets and singles, they could easily be separated from other sewing notions. Buttons are stored in small tackle boxes that can be arranged in multiple ways. I have 7-8 of these boxes: whites, darks, pastels, brights, metals, etc. I also have vintage buttons from my late mom that I keep separated so they aren't used on a whim. Those are in clear glass jars on a shelf (sort of part of the decor).

    Seldom used tools go in the drawer with the items they are for. IE the pliers to put in snaps go with the snaps. One drawer is specific for "guy tools"--hammer, cutters, screw drivers, etc. plus nails, screws, picture hangers, etc. that I don't need often but I don't want to have to go to hubby's shed to search for days either. PS on tools: my guys would never touch them: 1) the tools are small (girl sized) and 2) the guys are afraid of me. :-)

    If you're lucky enough to have wall space, add shelves above a system with baskets or jars (forget fancy expensive ones, go to the dollar store and buy cheap ones--they hold stuff! If you hit a sale, buy lots of the same color and size. They will look good together, and when labeled, they'll do their jobs just as well as expensive ones would.) Again, label!

    I use a basket system for notions: bias tape and bias maker, ribbon and fray block, elastic and bodkins, zippers and zipper foot. My reasoning is that when I need the item, I need the tool; they're together, so I can grab both at the same time or just take the basket. If something takes two baskets, I either use a larger one or separate but the info goes on the label. Zippers are labeled neutrals and colors. Plus the baskets are kept together but the neutrals are used more often so it's on top or in front of the stack.

    Cover cardboard boxes in the same gift wrap and label for patterns and magazines. I also have binders for patterns I've designed and for articles, etc. that I've printed from the web. Everything is in sleeves and, yes, labeled.

    I use a peg board for thread sorted by color. I keep only the items that I used every day near my sewing machines or on the work table. I also understand that organizing is a work-in-progress. Editing and adding are part of that process and getting messy is part of creating, so it's a symbiotic relationship. lol Sorry, I may have overdone it!!!

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    Super Member Phannie1's Avatar
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    Just move back to Chattanooga, TN.
    About the time I get organized is when I start to lose things. I know where I kept them before I "put them away." I am the only one that uses what I have so I do better to leave them where I put them in the first place. (I am kind of a creature of habit.) I do have places for fabrics and threads and then a place for all sewing machine parts. Projects is what I have sitting everywhere. They are in baskets that get suffled all over the place. Their are on the bed till I need it for company or designing. then they get shffled to the cutting table and then back again....Maybe a hutch would be good.

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    i have 2 spaces in my sewing room that have all my pretty special touchstone things from the rest of my life. They are out of the way, but easy for me to see. Family pics, great grandmothers wedding ring, a sea urchin shell that I found 40 years ago with my first crush on a beach, childhood gifts, and a jar of fairy dust from disney land I bought 15 years ago. I could go on and on. Keeps me grounded

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    Senior Member wichypoo's Avatar
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    Wow, some great suggestions, and well, I've tried some of them. I could use a little OCD about right now.!
    I have a peg board but it hasn't been hung up yet. I have a few cup hook (large ones) hooked to my wall
    next to my machine ,holding rulers and templates. I am giving away most of my shoes and will use my shoe
    organizer....keep up your genius ideas.... I need all the help I can get.
    thanks for the sharing.

    Finished is always better than PERFECT!!!!

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