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Thread: Organizing patterns?

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    Dec 2009
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    I have mine in three ring binders and sleeves. I put all one pattern in a sleeve and on ther other side Iput shoter ones in, now I need an index and number all the quilt patterns. Of course, I have quilt books with patterns, more than a dozen. I could use another binder and another 100 sleeves. I'm just trying to make as many quilts as I can and use as much fabric as I can. Good luck on your project.
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    I take a digital photo of every quilt I make, and print them out from Shutterfly.com........occassionally, they offer FREE 101 photos, you pay the postage............I print out then, and have them all in a photo album (from Wally World)...on the back of the print, write anything you need to remember for later (like who it went to, etc).
    I have a zillion patterns, from internet sources, all in about 14 three ring binders (from GoodWill)..........but I have NO system for keeping up with where each pattern is EXCEPT for the few distenctions.....I have one notebook that says PIN CUSHIONS, one that says TIPS, one that says APPLIQUE pattterns, but beyond that, mine is a big mess........ and I can never find a certain pattern, unless I want to brouse through a dozen or more notebooks........I hope someone comes up with an easy way to organize this mess.....
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    I copy patterns I like from magazines and then donate the magazines to the donation table at the guild. I have a copier/printer.
    Copied patterns are divided into applique, pieced, and foundation piecing in 3" ring binders. I then divide them alphabetically by type, ie. holiday, children, flowers etc. with sheet dividers. If a category starts being to big I'll divide it. Since I like irises I have a separate binder for those no matter if they are applique or pieced.
    I am chairman for our charity quilts for the guild and easy and quick patterns are in a master file in sheet protectors in a 3" ring binder. I will print 2 or 3 copies that the ladies can take home and make a quilt. (There are many free quick and easy patterns on line.)

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    I used to use binders but wanted something easier.
    Bought a crate file folder holder. It works great. Just added file folders and labels. Now it is easy to file all sorts of patterns.
    Most are printouts from the web, which is perfect for folders. But can file odd size patterns that are booklets etc.
    You can put your patterns in sheet protecters also then file.
    I love this system and it already holds over 6 large binders worth of patterns and special instructions. Still have room for more.

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    PM me if you want to make folders for your desktop.
    Then you can "download" any pattern you want, into a folder you have named.
    I keep mine by years, Adobe files them alphabetically.
    You can print out the ones you want to start making.
    (Saves on ink/paper and you can easily look through them anytime.)
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    I use the computer primarily, but also have several extra large 3 ring binders. I used to cut out ideas from mags, take pictures of rooms and ideas at builders open houses, etc., to put into these books. Its about 30+ years of ideas, and others have borrowed the binders to help them decorate cheaply, make a quilt, etc. I love those binders as ideas come from everywhere....

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