Cannot get colored chalk out of fabric

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by , 06-12-2014 at 03:15 PM (179 Views)
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting chalk lines out of fabric? It's regular chalk board chalk. I tried the air pen, but it wasn't dark enough to see. I've used this chalk before without any problems. I've washed it and even tried dawn dish liquid and now the fabric starting to get a light spot in it, like it's fading. The problem is, this isn't my quilt. HELP.
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  1. splashy's Avatar
    Sorry, I don't have a suggestion for this case. But I always use "stone" tailor's chalk for everything. You can just wipe it off. Any remnants will be gone in wash or dry cleaning. I hope someone has a better idea for your current situation though.
  2. ntransue's Avatar
    You can try 5 water to 2parts vinegar then let it air dry

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