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I received a chaterlaine from my sister-in-law as a birthday gift. From her gift I made a pattern and made several. I will attach a picture of 2 of them.

Length of the Chaterlaine: 41 inches long (white) 42 1/2 Inches (blk/red)
Width of the Chaterlaine: 3 1/2 Inches wide at the bottom (White)
2 1/2 Inches wide at bottom (Blk/Red)

2 1/2 In. wide where it rides around neck(wh)
1 3/4 Inches wide around neck (Blk/Red

Chatterlaine has a small pin cushion (blue on white/green on blk/red)
Chatterlaine has a mall Pouch on inside of LEFT side of chatterlaine for a
spool of tread or ??
Chatterlaine also has a small pouch on the OUTSIDE LEFT for notions - pouch is Orange on the Blk/Red Chatterlaine.

On the top of each pouch (the opening) I put a piece of thin elastic in to make the opening pucker a little bit so whatever is carried in the pouch can't fall out. You will note that the pouches also have a bottom which is about a 3/4 circle attached to the rectangular piece of fabric used to make the pouch...I hope these instructions are clear???

Small ring attached to RIGHT side of Chatterlaine and a pair of tiny scissors are attached.

When making these, I found that if I put a piece of velcro just above the bottom of the chatterlaine on each side I could clasp the two ends together so I didn't keep "losing them" off my neck.

I used bias tape around the edges of the chatterlaine. They make great little gifts and are fun to make.

Chaterlain Neck Tie for sewing notions.
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