dye cottage

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by , 07-03-2013 at 09:09 AM (607 Views)
This is my dye cottage, with cobbled walk way and patio that wraps around the front. Mint in barrels smell so nice, lavender in barrel to the side.
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  1. Tracy Delegal's Avatar
    How lovely! Do you have inside pics?
  2. Yakkity's Avatar
    Oh so cute!
  3. leaha's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Tracy Delegal
    How lovely! Do you have inside pics?
    not yet, as soon as it is finished inside will take pictures
  4. franklindixie's Avatar
    WOW I wanna move in!
  5. PattR's Avatar
    That is just gorgeous!
  6. ntransue's Avatar
    OK, I'm dumb, what is a Dye Cottage? Can you use it for quilting or is it just for relaxation?

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