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by , 06-12-2012 at 02:02 PM (801 Views)
Was a pretty good quilty day. I finished my June Doll Quilt. Thats right, done! Quilted, done! Binding, done! Label, done! So, now when I go to the post office this week I will be mailing my doll quilt and needlebook.

And, I decided what I want to do for my July doll quilt. I'm pretty sure...positive actually...that I'm going to play with my NEW ish twister tool. And, of course, Red/White/Blue. So, I'm going to check my scrap bin first. But, I have lots of Patriot fabric to use. I'm being a good girl and using from my stash. My doll quilt for June was completely from my stash.

I also finished 4-Halloween squares (quilt-as-you-go) crazy squares. So, only 68 more to go. lol, Yep, I only made 6in squares. lol, well, I'm having a good time anyway. I'm using my moms embroidery machine to quilt each block. I'm taking my time and having fun. This is a project that is at least 2 years old. So, I guess a little longer is not going to make a difference. I am learning new skills as I go along. So, it's a win win project. And, all I had to buy was a yard of purple fabric(which I only meant to buy a half yard. I really don't know what happened at the cutting counter. The lady just cut and handed it to me and for the life of me I could remember if I asked for a half yard or a whole yard. So, I just took it. ) And a yard of green fabric for the back of the block. (I didn't have any green in the right color.)I had enough orange and blue on hand. So, this is going to be double sided with color blocking on the back in tone on tone prints. My friend Millie, Nana20010 did a string quilt with the back in coloring blocking. It came out so cool.

Tomorrow, I need to take my doggy Coco to the vet and have one of her eyes checked, it's runny and I can't see anything wrong with it. And check her skin, she has a bit of a rash. Yes, she's my problem child. She always has something going. But, I love her!

Then, I'm going to work on my Hello Sun BOM, June block. Then, that will be all caught up.

After that, either work on July Doll quilt or Work on Halloween blocks. Probably a little of both.

Hope to get some pictures loaded here soon. But, I do have pictures loaded in my photo albums if you want to look.

Did you know that if you go to the teal bar in the home page and look under the community heading....the photo albums are there? I was really happy to find them there.

TTYL, (talk to you later), HUGS
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  1. PHyllis Su's Avatar
    Hey lady just joined the site and read the article about doll quilts and I was born in 1952 but learned to quilt from my great grandmother at 3 so I guess 1952 was not between the 40's and the 60's where I thought it was.. LOL was great reading from you. You sure are an avid quilter. I have a row of doll quilts that were made back then around my quilt studio. They all have great memories attached. I have not made doll quilts in years but it was a way to try new patterns in smaller sizes. Now I have the urge to do one soon. thanks and keep up the good work..

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