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Thread: I'm upset...he didn't like it

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    Super Member lalaland's Avatar
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    Jan 2010
    Yakima, WA
    It's really difficult to comment when one doesn't know the family dynamics of a situation. Unfortunately, it is what it is and there's not much we can do about it.

    That is a beautiful quilt, you did a great job and you should be proud of yourself. Now move on to something else, make a bedspread for yourself, or a wall hanging, or something really challenging like a mini quilt.

    And if it's something your dad would appreciate more, trade your quilt for a nice dinner out with you (or whatever), and take your quilt and put it on display in your home so you can enjoy it.

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    here! :)
    Quote Originally Posted by taiboo
    My husband felt REALLY bad about it and loved it and today asked me if tomorrow he could go to my local LQS and buy me the accu-go that i have been waiting for July to get in order to receive my bday discount my lqs offers...LOL...I had to fess up that i already bought it online for almost $100 cheaper LOL and it will be here on Tues. OPPPS
    This is funny!! :) Glad you got it cheaper - now take what you saved and buy something else for your b-day!! :)

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    Nov 2009
    Northwest, NJ
    I am so sorry, I would be crushed also, I am new at quilting have made 3 and gave them all away. Takes me 2-3 months to complete, so much love and work goes into making something quilted. Anyway, we live close by, I am in Washington, Warren County NJ. Where do you shop for fabric? Lace

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    A million dollar view!
    I'm sorry you feel so hurt. I had a dad that was the same way to our faces. However, to his cronies, he told a different story and bragged on us. Go figure.

    Your hanging is lovely and I know alot of guys that would be happy to receive it.

    So, here is what I would do. When I have settled down, go back to dads and ask him where the gift is you gave him. When he shows you, state to him that since he did not appreciate all of the love and time spent making him something special, you are taking it to the nearest VA center for the guys who have to live there and would really appreciate it, if it is ok with him. Aask him if he would like to go with you to present it to them himself. Not being mean or nasty, just letting him know that his behavior was uncalled for and he can't step on you that way.
    Now, I agree there malybe a medical problem with him so bring it up to his Dr. if you can.

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    Super Member Charlee's Avatar
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    Taiboo....I just showed your post to William (my DH)...he asked me to tell you that as a vet, he would be MORE than honored, it would occupy a place of honor, and he's willing to pay for shipping!! :lol:

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    Alturas, CA
    I think you did a beautiful job and I'm sorry your father didn't appreciate the hard work and workmanship, but personally speaking I sure wouldn't make him anything else. HUGS

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    Super Member Olivia's Grammy's Avatar
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    Your quilt is beautiful. My MIL used to say "This is just the thing" then I would never see it again. I used to asked her if she was saving it for the next Mrs.? She was a good MIL to me and I loved her dearly until it was gift time.

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    Super Member Eddie's Avatar
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    May 2009
    Oh, dear. I'm so sorry that your father hurt you like this. It was painful just reading it, I know it was 100 times worse being there and living it. I've had several episodes like that from my parents in the past, and it was hurtful each time as well. Again, so sorry. :(

    BTW, your wall hanging is beautiful, I love that pattern.

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    Jul 2009
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    I think it is lovely. I know how you feel. My mother can be that way. It really hurts. You make something you think they really would like and not even a comment is made.Go back and get it and keep it for yourself or give to someone else. Hugs!!!

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    Sierra Vista, AZ
    AS people age they often become more outspoken and will do or say things without thinking.That's not an excuse, but may help you to understand his behavior.

    I would simply go get it and tell him if he didn't like it you would give it to someone who would appreciate it.

    Your local Veterans Center, American Legion, VFW, etc would probably display it proudly.

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