Diane - Once I had my fabric gelatin monoprinted, I transferred the leaf pattern onto the fabric.

Next step was to sandwich it with batting and a backing and do the satin stitch around the outside and FMQ for the veins.

Each of the six plates (separate pieces) of the quilt was done the same way. When you do your printing all sorts of interesting patterns and interesting shapes to each plate appears. You work with those as you satin stitch and FMQ. Once you are happy with the FMQ, cut out each plate close to the satin stitching, and go over any area where you might have cut too closely.

To attach each plate you put them in to a pleasing arrangement and satin stitch tack them them in place making sure that they are secure. The leaves were added last.

To hang this odd 19" x 20" "leaf" shape I made tabs and satin stitched them onto the back where they wouldn't show through on the front.

This technique was in the August 2009 Quilting Arts Magazine and was so much fun to do.

I am working on a some plates that I am making into an underwater-type design. Have found tiny shells, charms, and beads and plan doing some embellishing. Will see how that goes.