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Thread: One woman quilt show

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    I lost my grandmother in 2005, so I vowed when that happened, I'd do something for our elderly folks to make them smile. Also--I don't have anyone to show my quilts to in person. And I feel when one has been blessed--one should give back. It all adds up to good reasons to do a quilt show for the residents at Quail Summit. Many who attended were here last month to see the horse show. Some asked "Aren't you the horse lady?" Rachel, my daughter, went with me to help. (Kennedy wanted to come, but wasn't able to).

    Here are the photos. Rachel took most of them.

    Set-up-not for sale items.

    For sale items.


    I made piles of old quilt, newest stuff, wall hangings, lap quilts...

    I stood in front and pulled items off the tables, then told them the story, and held it up. Sometimes I walked it around the group so they could get a closer look.

    This was the quilt I had as a girl that brought me so much comfort. I rescued it from my dad's house--and I sit on it when I sew. :wink:

    This was the first quilt I ever made--funny story.


    Laughing for Rachel and you all. :lol: My hair was nuts because I got rained on and it's so humid today. :roll:

    They loved this one--it has a frog with google eyes and a spider web.
    The lady here bought a kid's quilt--one of the wild ones!!

    They loved the ragged flannels!

    The quilting my quilter did on Danish Hearts just amazed them, as it does me!

    They loved looking at the back fabrics too.

    Rachel is showing them the wall hanging top made from all the leftovers from Mark's CW quilt. This lady is awesome--she was a Home Ec teacher in the district I work in now.


    Oh gosh, remember this one? The Barn quilt? :wink: The one lady knew the names of the horses from coming out the past three years! :D


    They had some great stories and quilts!
    This quilt was given to Jackie, a wonderful lively woman, when she was born. Her mother made it for her. Jackie is now 75 years old.

    And this one her mother made and had on her bed for years. Jackie loved it, so her mother left it to her. I told her the quilting forum folks would love to see it! :D

    The show lasted 90 minutes, then afterward, they told me their stories and browsed the for sale table. They bought $190 of stuff! I was completely not expecting that! The hot pads were a popular item--I sold six of those--they bought them for Christmas gifts. Plus a table runner, a doll blanket, and a baby blanket sold.

    Great afternoon. They've asked me to come back next summer--wild horses couldn't keep me away.

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    Karla: what a great thing you did--your grandma was smiling down at you. Your quilts are beautiful. Thanks for sharing this uplifting event and inspiring us all.

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    Karla - I love you for doing this! Those folks need our love and support, and I'm so happy there are people like YOU that do sweet things, just because you want to. I want to get my daughter volunteering and she asked about a children's hospital. I told her perhaps an elder care facility and she was somewhat interested, so we'll see. I don't have a collection like you do, and no horses. I could tell them horrific lawyer stories (we lawyers have the best stories, no contest!! You can't make up the sh.t that goes on in our cases!!) - however, not exactly what I'm thinking about doing.

    I love seeing all those sweet faces, aged with wisdom and grace. I hope you made them as happy as it appears to have made you.

    Good on ya for the purchases. I have an idea how you can spend the money...!!!! 8) 8)

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    Oh Karla, how wonderful to do. You enjoyed it just as much as they did. Am on dial-up so can't get all the pictures, but that's ok, was crying by the time the picture of the home ec teacher came up, still can't see. What an inspiration for all of us. Don't have near as many or as pretty things as you have made but sure could go together with others and do something simular for our area rest homes. Am sure you got many thanks today and they will be talking about it for a very long time. :D

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    Tis a beautiful thing you did, Karla! :-) I imagine they totally loved seeing them all, and the chance to also tell all of their stories to someone they knew would listen.
    And I can't believe how many you've done, to have to show!! Wow Girl!!!!
    I can picture both your Grandma, and God, smiling down upon you.
    God's blessings to you!

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    Thanks, Karla, lots of fun to see these pictures!

    Also nice to see you after having seen your daughter, your horses, your flowers... the picture I had of you in my mind looked like the horse in your avatar - long, straight blond hair with bangs.... nice to get that straightened out. :mrgreen:

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    You have touched so many lives in such wonderful way ! I couldn't tell whose smiles were bigger , yours or theirs :lol: And the quilts are great. If you see the one woman who allowed you to take pics of her quilts again, give her a great big THANK YOU from us . The world could use more people like you in it

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    Great going, Karla! Thanks for posting all of the pics, I was smiling the whole way through it! :)

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    Karla, that was wonderful!!!! What a sweet thing you did for those folks!! Loved your picture show. Thanks for sharing your special day!!!

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