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  1. I'm sew torn!!

    by , 04-17-2013 at 07:38 AM
    I need to be finishing work to graduate on May 11. The weather is beautiful-I want to plant beautiful flowers. I want to work on my quilts! What's a girl to doooooooooooo!!??
  2. Reorganized My quilting den

    by , 04-17-2013 at 03:36 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Wild8580 View Post
    My quilt den was needing a good cleaning and some reorganization. I was inspired after reading Bonnie Hunters tutorial on fabric folding and modified to fit my units. Sorry I didn't take before pictures although it was somewhat organized before. I had purchased the storage units from ikea a few years back and all my fabric was in tubs that I could slide in and out. Ikea made shelves for the units, so I bought them and began to sort and re-fold every piece of fabric I owned. I donated unwanted and
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  3. I Want to Make a Quilt With Embroidered Squares

    by , 04-17-2013 at 12:17 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by EllieGirl View Post
    I have a combo sewing/embroidery machine and very seldom use the embroidery. I would like to make some squares to put into a quilt and I'm not sure how to go about doing it.
  4. Stained Glass Window Quilt

    by , 04-16-2013 at 01:07 PM
    Here’s a quilt my mother made for her granddaughter to celebrate her 21st Birthday, Sally found the design in a book and brought it to mum, “Grandma, I’d love this for my 21st Birthday, could you….?
    Eek, no pattern, no instructions, just an image. So mum set about it valiantly, scaling up the image then drawing it onto a backing layer, sourcing the fabrics, so many Rainbow colours, so little time.

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    The quilt was displayed ...
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  5. Need help finding a pattern

    by , 04-16-2013 at 10:00 AM
    Hi ladies. Got a "burning question" and need you help Does anyone know of a quilt pattern which has an oriental flare to it with the center portion using a panel (think it was birds) . Think the outer edges had semi circles? I loved the sight of that quilt.and can not locate what it was I saw
  6. Joel dewberry aviary

    by , 04-15-2013 at 01:26 PM
    Hi ladies, does anyone know where I can buy FLANNEL Joel Dewberry Aviary 2 fabric?
  7. Beginners class for kids

    by , 04-14-2013 at 02:42 PM (Beginners class for kids)
    Good morning all. I have just joined and very excited to be a part of this. Was wondering about general pointers for beginners quilting/sewing classes for kids. Thinking about running a school holiday program and looking for some ideas, what you have found works best, what to avoid, age range etc Thanks a million.*
  8. Wrinkled backing

    by , 04-14-2013 at 12:36 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Sue Kitten View Post
    I'm always having trouble getting my backing fabric to stay wrinkle free. I have tried pinning the fabric down first, I've tried taping, clamping it to a board & I just can not get rid of the wrinkles after I Pin baste the sandwich together. I have tried repining it again after all pins are in but when I'm guilting all of the darn wrinkes are back again. I have more wrinkles in my project than an 80 year old person. Lol. Any suggestions will be most appreciated.
  9. paper pieced alphabet

    by , 04-14-2013 at 12:29 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by gmcsewer View Post
    Do any of you know where I can get a free paper pieced alphabet? I want to make one row of my GD T Shirt quilt with her name in it.
  10. Red Chickens

    by , 04-14-2013 at 06:58 AM
    I have a new embroidery collection of redwork chickens that sewed on my embroidery machine. After I made a few samples I decided to put them together in a quilt. I spent many hours searching quilt patterns to find one to put the chicken in the middle. I finally laid the blocks on the floor and the the quilt designed itself. I hope you like chickens as much as I do
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