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  1. Help! Beginner Quilter....

    by , 06-15-2012 at 08:59 AM
    I was told for my first quilt to make would be the "Log Cabin". Does anyone know where I can download a free pattern that will explain how to and how much material I will need? I appreciate your help. Excited to get started. Any other advice or easy pattern suggestions appreciated. Thank you!!!
  2. Little quilting shop around the corner

    by , 06-15-2012 at 08:26 AM
    I am finally going to embark on my life long dream of opening my own shop. However, i know that times are trying. I hear it every day where i work. What i am looking for or hoping to get from here is words of wisdom from those on here who have had or still do have their own quilting shop. I have located all the LQS(2) as well as the Joann's (1) and Hancocks (2) in the area. I have been writing the business plan and proposal for the last three years in all my business classes. the town is a ...
  3. system of numbering quilt blocks

    by , 06-15-2012 at 05:52 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by KarenK View Post
  4. Janome 1600P what so you think?

    by , 06-14-2012 at 01:18 PM
    Hello Everyone. I have been reading the blogs for months now, this is my first post. I am thinking of buying a Janome 1600P with a Grace Pinnacle 10' Frame. Does anyone have any experience with one. What should I be looking for, what should I stay away from. Is it better to buy from a dealer? The one I am thinking about is used and a private owner is selling it.
  5. Anyone close to Indy??

    by , 06-14-2012 at 11:27 AM
    I would like to join a quilt group that sews once a week, or if anyone wants another sewer in your group I would like to join. If you know of any please let me know.
  6. Free Motion Quilting Questions

    by , 06-14-2012 at 04:07 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by lfstamper View Post
    Check out leah day. She tells u everything abt fmq. You need gloves and glider for sure. A glass of wine is a big help
  7. How many are doing a Dear Jane Quilt?

    by , 06-13-2012 at 05:54 PM
    I would love to hear from anyone who is currently working on a Dear Jane quilt or if you have completed one. I am just starting one. Any advice? I am hand piecing. Thanks.
  8. Hello! :)

    by , 06-13-2012 at 05:36 PM (Fl quilt Chic)
    Today was another pretty good quilty day. I finished my June Hello Sun BOM. Yep, another WIP, DONE. Now, I can't wait to see what the block is for July. I wonder what the finishing will be?

    I finished cutting my background squares and some batting for my Halloween Crazy Quilt.

    I worked on cutting my fabric for my July doll quilt. And, that is going very well. I'm hoping to get a jump on starting to piece my little DQ before the end of the month of June.
  9. Dear Jane - Dee-licious

    by , 06-13-2012 at 02:23 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsie View Post
    Niceeeeee. A couple of simple ones done today! Thought I'd show a picture of my Excel design grid that I use to keep them organized and so that I can check color for the next few blocks. If any of you are Excel experts I'd like to be able to make each block enlarge as I click on it. The blocks are D6 & D7. Next is D8 which has 4 small diamonds and 4 small leaves (melon seeds) that will all be appliqued but I'm determined to do another block on the big B/W that I'm hand appliqueing. Picture
  10. Strata Star Table Topper

    by , 06-13-2012 at 12:20 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Dollyo View Post
    I just finished a Strata Star Table Topper. I watched the video posted by Missouri Quilts and figured out how to do it. It matches the first log cabin quilt that I made in 2008. I'd made lots of quilts, just no log cabins. I'm also just finishing a bargello that matches them.
    Thanks for looking,
    Dolly in MI
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