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  1. Can not upload photos

    by , 08-23-2012 at 04:14 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Linda58 View Post
    I now have the tree, I made my photo's as small as possible, but I still have no upload button on the screen to use after I upload the photo from my PC.


    Could you try uploading a photo from my acct?
  2. Orphan Dear Jane blocks

    by , 08-23-2012 at 10:53 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by QuiltnNan View Post
    Chay, here on the QB, was offering up some of her orphan Dear Jane blocks. I was the lucky recipient. I needed a very light summer cover-up/jacket to take on my vacation, so I came up with this:
    Name:  012-001.JPG
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Size:  152.5 KBName:  012-002.JPG
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    It was a real hit and conversation starter. Thanks Chay!!!
  3. Quilting In The Woods retreat March 8-10.2013

    by , 08-23-2012 at 07:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Lynn4 View Post
    The Traveling Thimbles, LLC, are excited to present a 3 day quilting retreat,"Quilting In The Woods" March 8-10, 2013.
    The retreat will be at the Mohican State Park Lodge, Perrysville, OH. With the breathtaking scenery it is an ideal location for a quilter's creativity to run wild!

    Once you step into the lodge everything is included...
    *2 nights lodging with meals
    *Meet 'N
  4. Advice on Sashing for French Braid Quilt

    by , 08-23-2012 at 05:04 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Marlene1 View Post
    I'm putting the top together for a Braided Sugar & Spice quilt. The braid is 95" long and so is the 4.5" sashing (cut length of grain so no piecing). As I am sewing the braid to the sashing I have lots to ease in on the braid. I can do it but the result is a bit wavy or fullness. Do I continue as I am doing? Will this be OK for a long arm quilter as they can stretch it tight and flat before quilting? Should I redo these and match the sashing and braid in the middle and sew out
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  5. Double Wedding Ring..... quilted by Charisma

    by , 08-23-2012 at 04:03 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by charismah View Post
    Well I am all ready for the Pacific West quilt show ( this weekend in Tacoma, WA...YAY)I am so excited to see all the quilts! I had time to get this quilted today..YAY! I looked up the finalists for the show and it looks like a great line I am sure I will be inspired...

    Pat sent this to me and asked for it to be quilted like the picture in the was a hand quilted design I did a "version" that I could translate to longarming. YAY! Those
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  6. Have you ever bought a piece of fabric 'cos you love it ....

    by , 08-23-2012 at 04:01 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by QultingaddictUK View Post
    and then found you didn't know what to do with it? I have more times than I care to mention but there was one particular fabric that I paid an arm and a leg for, a yard of Kaffe Fasset Paper Fans fabrics :

    Well I found a perfect pattern for it just by accident. I think some of you may remember me mentioning a really good and well known quilter who lives her on the Island, Angelika Monks,
  7. Necktie quilts

    by , 08-22-2012 at 08:02 PM
    I'm looking for designs for using neckties to make small quilts. Any ideas?
  8. Orphaned Blocks QAYG Challenge

    by , 08-22-2012 at 02:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenniky View Post
    Name:  Wrap up QAYG 014.JPG
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Size:  131.8 KB Name:  Wrap up QAYG 015.JPG
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    Name:  Wrap up QAYG 016.JPG
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    This is how I prepared my binding.
  9. Orphaned Blocks QAYG Challenge

    by , 08-22-2012 at 02:55 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Jenniky View Post
    Name:  Wrap up QAYG 018.JPG
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    I'm finished... I have to say WOW... I'm feeling really great about this quilt.

    It was a wonderful learning experience from beginning to end. My corners are still not show quality according to Sharon Schamber's tutorials. But I have to say they are better than any corners I have made before. The stitching all around on my binding is excellent. I don't know that I could have really done any better. I think its my best hand stitching work ever.
  10. Scrappy Quilt show - Right Here!! :)

    by , 08-22-2012 at 05:55 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by luvTooQuilt View Post
    i love this thread..

    heres two of my scrappys made from my scrap piles..

    2x2 leaders and enders sqs.. lots and LOTS of them
    Name:  481898_215352165258664_75294325_n (478x640).jpg
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    Name:  582718_215352241925323_403207595_n (478x640).jpg
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    Name:  IMG_1346 (640x478).jpg
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