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  1. Table runners

    by , 03-08-2012 at 12:44 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by DeniseB View Post
    I recently finished these table runners. Next to purses/bags TR are my favorite.
    do you make these runners the same as a quilt with batting?
    thank you Countryheart
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  2. Enlarging/Reducing Scale for Patterns

    , 03-08-2012 at 10:13 AM
    I find myself looking for this information over and over again. So not only am I going to print it out I am posting a link here so I can find it.
  3. Easter Placemats for Children

    by , 03-08-2012 at 03:56 AM
    I am looking for easy to make Easter placemats for children ... any ideas?
  4. I received

    by , 03-07-2012 at 04:23 PM
    I just would like to thank D, Long from Cranesville, PA for such a nice gift. She sent me a St. Patricks Day Hand Towel, some chocolate that was Yummy! and now gone, and a FQ Thanks so much for such a nice little gift. Problem is I have no ideal why it was sent. But the card said Have a happy day! and the gift made me feel great. Once again thank you! I wish I knew your username, so I will send a thank you card in the mail. What a sweet kind lady!

  5. I started a new mug rug swap today, the rugs have to be round 9" diameter

    by , 03-07-2012 at 09:42 AM (Who's on first? by abdc)
    Can't wait to see where this swap sends us, down the creative road...I hope. Come on everyone lets get rolling................
  6. Well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I didn't like the random"ness" of the layout so I

    by , 03-07-2012 at 05:43 AM (Who's on first? by abdc)
    started over. I love taking photos of my work. It allows me to see the design or lack of really quick. Also I can compare changes to design. This will be interesting!
  7. Organizing & Cleaning Sites

    by , 03-06-2012 at 09:17 PM (Craftybear Den)
  8. Four fabrics in hsts -- interesting setting

    by , 03-06-2012 at 07:00 PM (LeslieFrost -- life in the woods of NW Wisconsin)
    Quote Originally Posted by echoemb View Post
    My niece passed away a couple of weeks ago at the age of 13. I decided I was going to make a couple of quilts to donate to the childrens hospital that helped her thru her cancer. I have tons of UFO's and these blocks are probably 20+ years old but it seemed like a good reason to finish this up. Interestingly the blocks finish at 13" and I first found 13 blocks and then found another 13. Even though 13 is suppose to be a unlucky number this looks like this was meant to be.
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  9. Finally off my machine!!

    by , 03-06-2012 at 06:18 PM
    I finally finished quilting a top that has been on my machine for a very long time. I have to explain that I have not been quilting on it as long as it has been on the machine. For weeks at a time, it has been rolled up on one bar while I quilted other quilts. Last week, I decided that I needed to quilt on it only until it was finished. The applique work is outstanding. I can't wait to see what my customer does now. She says it will get a lot of bling. I hope that my quilting can stand up ...
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  10. Karissa

    by , 03-06-2012 at 08:08 AM
    I'm looking for a pattern called Inch By Inch. If anyone can help that would be great want to make it for my grandson. Thanks Karissa
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