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  1. ♥ Fabric Folding (Cool ways to store fabric)

    by , 05-14-2012 at 11:14 AM (Craftybear Den)
    I love surfing the internet to find cool links. I created this thread to store links for ideas on storing and folding fabrics.
  2. ♥ Supplies for Vintage and Antique Sewing Machines

    by , 05-14-2012 at 11:09 AM (Craftybear Den)
    I love surfing the net to find cool places to buy supplies and created this blog to save the links.


    Decals for Sewing Machines:
    Craftybear's Den
  3. A New MYSTERY QUILT Train Ride! Hop on-board anytime

    by , 05-14-2012 at 09:19 AM
    Yep.....I'm going to look it up right now.......Thanks!!

    Quote Originally Posted by SunlitenSmiles View Post
    Scrapper be sure to go to the L.B. International Quilt Show......excitement for sure, and right in your home town.

    HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to everyone and if you are not a Mom, then Happy Mothers Day to your Mom

  4. Looking for ideas for blocks to make 'wall hanging' for back of piano

    by , 05-14-2012 at 07:32 AM
    Our piano in church faces the congregation; therefore, we see the back of the piano. I would like to make a quilt block hanging to cover the back of the piano. Maybe a variety of cross patterns with a center cross. This being done in the memory of my mother who passed away Jan. 1 of this year. She was an avid piecer and quilter--her favorite passtime. Carpeting in the church is a deep mauve. Your ideas would be treasured!
  5. Square in Square without math.

    by , 05-14-2012 at 04:58 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by dublb View Post
    I told works4me that I'd do picts of this method. Here they are.
    I was playing with these leftover pieces last fall when I should have been workin' on my DGSons's Solar System quilt. When DDIL gits pregnant again I'll use these blocks & the other scraps ta make a quilt for that child.
    These are just picts of the pieces so you can see how they go tagether.
    The first 3 picts are of blocks already made.
    Name:  Sq n Sq #1.jpg
Views: 809
Size:  46.1 KB
    This one is already trimmed
  6. Electric Quilt 7

    by , 05-13-2012 at 01:45 PM
    Is this software worth the money?
  7. baby quilt for 6th grandbaby the quilt that got bigger an bigger

    by , 05-13-2012 at 10:57 AM (pic)
    Name:  100_0736.JPG
Views: 693
Size:  1.11 MBbaby quilt that got big fast
  8. Back Home

    by , 05-13-2012 at 09:41 AM
    Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.

    I no sooner got home from California (vacation with husband) when my daughter and her friend invited me to go back with them to spend a week at Disneyland!

    I am home again for a few days, then off to our beach house for a week!

    I haven't gotten much quilting done since the beginning of April, but am anxious to get a quilt or two loaded onto the longarm.

    I took a small wall hanging to work on and did ...
  9. Newest quilt

    by , 05-12-2012 at 04:24 PM
    Just finished this Hot Pink & Zebra Boot Quilt. It was so much fun to make! Hope you enjoy it.Name:  064.JPG
Views: 776
Size:  1.13 MBName:  065.JPG
Views: 772
Size:  1.33 MBName:  002.JPG
Views: 756
Size:  1.07 MB
  10. Santa Barbara Mesa location NEED ASSISTANCE

    by , 05-12-2012 at 07:50 AM
    New to quilting BUT pretty creative. I am attempting to put a silhouette on a CalKing quilt. The silhouette will be about 30" x 30" ..... I have the pic on a piece of paper that I want to use but cannot figure out how to make a pattern to cut my material. My email address is just in case you live in Santa Barbara.....I am willing to pay someone to help me get the silhouette on the material to cut.........thanks to all you HAPPY QUILTERS!!!
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