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  1. Need help/suggestions for using eyelet fabric

    by , 05-21-2012 at 07:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by rosietx View Post
    Thanks for the suggestions. I wanted to maintain the 'white' of the eyelet so I used a lightweight interfacing. Once I get this quilted I'll post a pic.
  2. Black and White Wonky Quilt

    by , 05-21-2012 at 05:50 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Julie in WA View Post
    I made this for my niece who just graduated from high school! I wanted to do something rather modern and fun; without knowing what colors she likes, I used my stash of black and white fabrics to create this quilt. And her name on the back makes the quilt reversable, if she likes.

    I used a tutorial found here:
    It was a quick and easy assembly. I quilted it on my Juki using my walking foot to create some straight line
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  3. Simple 3 FG French Braid Table Runner

    by , 05-21-2012 at 05:31 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by Cindy60545 View Post
    Someone PM'd me for the tute on the French Braid Table Runner & I had forgotten I had an even simpler one than the one I posted before. This one only requires 3 fat quarters to make. It's in .pdf so anyone can open it.
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  4. PFAFF Questions

    by , 05-20-2012 at 07:58 PM
    My son came into a PFAFF 332-6. I have been using a 38 year old Montgomery Wards sewing machine and found the PFAFF to be a beautiful piece of engineering.

    Since it is a 1950's model, does anyone have a breakdown of the various PFAFF's (built in Germany) model numbers and features, starting wtih the 332?
    What is the difference between the Hobby and Tipmatic machines?

    Is there some definitive source to find answers to these and other questions?
  5. Rummage sale find

    by , 05-20-2012 at 06:19 AM
    Yesterday my daughter and I traveled to Blooming Prairie for their city wide rummage sale event - not looking for anything in particular. I found an old Corning perculator coffee pot for a dollar and just had to bring it home - deal of the day.

    I'm sitting here this morning checking out posts on QB and enjoying a cup of fresh perc'd coffee - yummo - far better than the fresh drip.
  6. FMQ - Terrific beginner's advice

  7. Quilting with 50wt thread

    by , 05-19-2012 at 05:38 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by AFQSinc View Post
    I am purchasing some Aurifil 50wt thread for piecing. I understand it is the thinnest weight. Has anyone ever quilted with this weight? I am wondering if the thinnness of the thread will sink into the fabric or if it kind of stays on top.

    I have begun using primarily wool batting because I like the almost trapunto look it gives when the background is densely quilted. I am wondering if a thinner thread or a thicker thread will help to emphasize that effect.

    Also, if
  8. Better than a card!

    by , 05-19-2012 at 01:34 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by EasyPeezy View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by bearisgray View Post
    I've never heard of 'danger pudding' either?

    I have seen several dessert and/or cake recipes that use it.
    I had to google it. Found out it's dulce de leche. I guess "danger pudding"
    would be an appropriate name if you did it the dangerous way.

    Personally, I enjoy condensed milk on its own...yum. LOL
    Haven't had it in years.
  9. Dear Jane - C's the day! C1, C2, C3

    by , 05-19-2012 at 12:15 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by Kitsie View Post
    Back to some easier piecing! Used Freezer paper for accuracy on the first two. Don't really know why on the instructions I found on the internet that C-3 seemed to cause problems!

    For that one I cut 2" strips out of my background and focus fabrics and sewed about 24" together. I then cut these joined strips into 2" sections for the 4-patch and the rectangles that join them. It was a simple matter to sew 2 of the rectangles into the center square, sew (2) 4-patch
  10. braided rugs

    by , 05-19-2012 at 07:12 AM
    Quote Originally Posted by SueDor View Post
    I have braided a rug and I like the toothbrush rug better, I think is quicker. With the braided rug, you have to have 3 strips of fabric and you braid it, then you make it in the shape that you want. With the toothbrush rug, all you are doing is tying knots and working in the shape you want practically right away.
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