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  2. Log Cabin with fabric from fatquarters farmhouse retreat

    by , 09-10-2011 at 06:03 AM

    Another Log Cabin made with 2 inch scarps and the backing made with strips

    Another log cabin made with batiks by qb member

    Cute Log Cabin

    Very nice Log Cabin Quilt, no instructions, just pic
  3. Chicken Lasagna

    by , 09-10-2011 at 05:48 AM
    When you have a husband who does not eat tomato sauce - as I did - you need to get creative. My youngest daughter just requested this (again, I think). Since I've already typed it out, I thought I should share it here too. It's a marvelous meal and leftovers are to die for. I wrote it for her however - so you can overlook the personal comments. If you don't know how to make white sauce - just google it!

    Chicken Lasagne - makes a 13x9" pan

    As you know... ...
  4. Magente quilt

    by , 09-10-2011 at 04:59 AM (http://tatteredgarden.blogspot.c om/2010/01/snappy-bag-tutorial.html)
  5. ships internationally

    by , 09-10-2011 at 04:15 AM
  6. pam = fabric

    by , 09-10-2011 at 03:26 AM (http://tatteredgarden.blogspot.c om/2010/01/snappy-bag-tutorial.html)
  7. Log Cabin Quilt and another version but with a Star

    by , 09-09-2011 at 07:29 PM

    Here is another version, I saved the instructions on my computer its a Log Cabin with a Star

    Here is a flowered log cabin quilt

    Some more Log Cabins

    More variations of the Log Cabin ...
  8. Quilt in Sections

    by , 09-09-2011 at 04:08 PM Wildyards quilt using sections and fleece backing -- no batt.
  9. avatar block

    by , 09-09-2011 at 02:53 PM (http://tatteredgarden.blogspot.c om/2010/01/snappy-bag-tutorial.html)
  10. block from avatar

    by , 09-09-2011 at 02:52 PM (http://tatteredgarden.blogspot.c om/2010/01/snappy-bag-tutorial.html)
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